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Sunday Preview: Much Apu About Something


Sanjay passes his stake in the Kwik-E-Mart to his millennial son, Jay, who turns it into a hip, health food market against Apu’s insistence on tradition. Bart, whom Homer had convinced to give up pranking, is called upon to return to his trickster life and take down the new store.

I will say that it’s good to know that the current waiting period to shit all over your own house is 19 years, 8 months. That was when “Much Apu about Nothing” aired.  I know this isn’t the first time zombie simpsons has parodied a Simpsons parodied title, but this is the first time it has bothered me for some reason. Anyway enjoy. Charlie tells me we have a few week’s reprieve after this one.





Quote of the Day

Lisa's Sax17

♫”And Bingo was his name-0!”♫ – Bart Simpson
“Added extra clap.  Not college material.” – Kindergarten Teacher

Happy birthday Al Jean!


Quote of the Day


“Ladies and gentlemen, most of you already know that with a little love and compassion, any puppy will grow up to be a cuddly little bundle of joy. . . . Stuff and nonsense taught by charlatans and learned by bloody twits!” – Emily Winthrop

Happy birthday Tracey Ullman!


Quote of the Day

Mother Simpson18

“My germs!  My precious germs!  They never harmed a soul!  They never even had a chance!” – C.M. Burns

Happy birthday Harry Shearer!


Sunday Preview: Paths Of Glory


Lisa searches an abandoned asylum and a restaurant that caters to men in an effort to restore the damaged reputation of Springfield’s first female inventor. While at the asylum, Bart steals a notebook belonging to a homicidal patient and passes it off as his when he returns to school. When Homer and Marge find out, they start to believe their son’s a sociopath, and Bart runs with the idea.

Well I don’t think there is much I say that would add to this preview. Feminism, insane asylums, Bart causing mischief; it’s got something for everyone.  I would wager we will get to see Bart spend time in a children’s asylum or something, but that seems like a prime place for a few cameo voices and I didn’t see any guest names when I quickly checked earlier. That means nothing however, and I am not going to spend any more time on it.


Mr. Plow Gifs


“Now he faces his toughest audience: three Siberian tigers.” – Troy McClure
“Simba, on the ball!” – Krusty the Klown

To my surprise, there was no Zombie Simpsons this week, and since I actually had some time on my hands, I thought I’d make some .gifs from “Mr. Plow”.  Feel free to spread them as far and wide on the internet as you please.  If I’ve missed something you think is gif-able, please let me know.

Because this page is pretty large, data wise, I’ve placed it after a jump to keep the home page from slowing to a crawl.  Enjoy.

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Quote of the Day


“This is great!  Not only am I not learning, I’m forgetting stuff I used to know!” – Milhouse van Houten

Happy birthday Pamela Hayden!


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