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Quote of the Day

Homer the Great13

“Tonight we are here to commemorate our glorious society’s fifteen-hundredth anniversary.  And, in honor of this momentous occasion, we’re having ribs.” – Number One

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Homer the Great”! Original airdate 8 January 1995.


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great12

“Lenny and Carl are never around on Wednesdays and they don’t tell me where they go.  It’s like a conspiracy.” – Homer Simpson
“A conspiracy, eh?  Do you think they might be involved in the Kennedy Assassination in some way?” – Bart Simpson
“I do . . . now.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great11

“Loyal Stonecutters!  Let us begin our re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.” – Homer Simpson
“Homer, you can’t just keep hanging out with these colobus monkeys.  Somebody’s gonna get parasites.” – Marge Simpson

Happy birthday David Mirkin!


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great10

“You put that sticker on your car so you won’t get any tickets, and this other one keeps paramedics from stealing your wallet while they’re working on you.” – Lenny
“Oh, and don’t bother calling 9-1-1 any more.  Here’s the real number.” – Carl


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great9

“Homer, a man who called himself ‘you-know-who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink-wink’ at the ‘you-know-what’.  You certainly are popular now that you’re a Stonecutter.” – Marge Simpson
“Oh yeah, beer busts, beer blasts, keggers, stein hoists, AA meetings, beer night, it’s wonderful, Marge.  I’ve never felt so accepted in all my life.  These people looked deep within my soul and assigned me a number based on the order in which I joined.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great8

“And by the Sacred Parchment, I swear that if I reveal the secrets of the Stonecutters may my stomach become bloated and my head be plucked of all but three hairs.” – Homer Simpson
“Um, I think he should have to take a different oath!” – Moe
“Everyone takes the same oath.” – Number One


Quote of the Day

Homer the Great7

“You’re a member of the Stonecutters, Grampa?” – Lisa Simpson
“Oh, sure, let’s see, I’m an Elk, a Mason, a Communist, I’m the president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance for some reason.  Ah, here it is, the Stonecutters.” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson

Happy birthday John Swartzwelder!


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