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Quote of the Day

'Round Springfield15

“Look, if you ignore me and I die, you’ll get in a lot of trouble.” – Bart Simpson
“Read page six of the school charter.” – Mrs. Krabappel
“No teacher shall be held accountable if Bart Simpson dies.” – Bart Simpson
“We’re also absolved if Milhouse gets eaten by the school snake.” – Mrs. Krabappel
“Hey, cool, there’s a rabbit in here!” – Milhouse van Houten

Happy 20th Anniversary to “‘Round Springfield”!  Original airdate 30 April 1995.


Quote of the Day

'Round Springfield14

“Lisa, when you get to be our age, you’ll learn a few things.  Like when a sign says, ‘Do Not Feed the Bears’, man, you’d better not feed the bears.” – Homer Simpson


Quote of the Day

'Round Springfield13

“Man, these are primo seats!  I could really go for a hot dog.” – Homer Simpson
“Homer, this is an operation!” – Marge Simpson
“Hot dogs!  Get your hot dogs, here!” – Hot Dog Vendor
“Woo-hoo!” – Homer Simpson


Reading Digest: Making Death Boring Edition

'Round Springfield12

“Maybe I need to talk to somebody with a little more age and wisdom.” – Lisa Simpson
“Death stalks you at every turn!” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson
“Grampa!” – Lisa Simpson
“Well, it does.” – Abe “Grampa” Simpson

With the return of Zombie Simpsons this week, the internet was flooded with blogs, magazines and websites posting sneak peaks at last week’s episode and an overwhelming amount of speculative garbage because Jean promised that they were going to kill off another character sometime in the not too distant future.  Since most publications are glad to have any excuse to talk about the show, people are taking him seriously. Yawn.

We have one link about the dead character because all of them were pretty much the same and a couple of links about the episode because it was really shitty and lots of people thought so.  In addition to that, we’ve got a couple of non-Zombie lists, two old Nintendo games, Guillermo Del Toro, Harry Potter the Simpsons fan, and a fantastically drawn fan made Kang and Kodos. 

Enjoy; but first, our old friend Robin sent in this outstanding achievement in the field of excellence:

A friend of mine had these custom made.

Pencil Company Executive

Can Lenny have one?

The Simpsums – Season 25 Ep. 1 "Homerland" – Reader Thomas sent in this link to a two minute retelling of last week’s episode that is highly bizarre but very accurate and, to my ear at least, quite a bit funnier than the original:

Well done.  (He’s also go videos for the second half of Season 24.)

Krusty Gets Busted – Episode #012 – Ash’s great Simpsons watch continues with this astute observation about the overall philosophy of the show:

The police are really, really stupid. How could they miss all these vital clues. Kids are smarter than adults.

the itchy and scratchy game-SNES: the best super nintendo Simpsons game, for what thats worth. – And it turns out, that’s not worth much:

Overall this game is intensely mediocre. There is very little here for just about any one.

GBA Review: The Simpsons Road Rage – And speaking of old Nintendo systems:

There have been several games with the Simpsons label on it, and not many of them have been good. This one is no exception to the rule.


The characterization is very childish, and the plot sounds like it could easily have been another episode of The Simpsons. It would have been feasible, considering that the writing had become pretty paper-thin by 2003.

The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX – Click through for the Guillermo Del Toro opening for Sunday’s Zombie Simpsons.  I’ll freely admit I didn’t catch all the references, but it’s still well done.  The rest of the episode is unlikely to be that tightly packed or entertaining.  The really good news is that it’s nearly three minutes long, which should eat into the rest of the episode. 

‘The Simpsons’: Guillermo del Toro on ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’ opening – And here’s a little backstory from the man himself.  This is certainly more interesting than “a guest voice or whip up a simple couch gag”, which is what they first asked him to do. 

Top Five Simpsons Episodes – And not a one past Season 8.  Perfectly cromulent. 

Feature – Top Ten Simpsons movie moments – Also perfectly cromulent as not a one is past Season 8.

Why Homer and Marge’s marriage has always been doomed – It’s true that shotgun weddings don’t have the best track record.  Then again, most shotgun weddings don’t happen in flashback episodes after your show has become a massive hit. 

Daniel Radcliffe Is Secretly Homer Simpson – Fair play, Harry:

If it weren’t for the eyebrows, which are caricatures of eyebrows, exceptionally dark and heavy, Radcliffe might be pretty rather than what he is, which is handsome in a vaguely gothic way. Occasionally, and more so when he is tired, he still shows the same slow, one-eyed blink he did on his screen test. "It’s what Homer Simpson’s eyes do when he’s drunk," Radcliffe said. "I listen to too many directors’ commentaries from The Simpsons, that’s why I know that."

He’s also apparently something of a slob, which makes me wonder if he blows his nose on the towels and puts them back in the middle. 

Business Forum: The rise of information gluttony – Excellent usage:

To quote Marge Simpson’s advice to Homer, “You don’t have to join a freak show just because the opportunity came along.”

Don Jon…In 10 Words – I don’t know what you’ve got planned for tonight, Joseph, but count me out.

Breaking Bad…In 10 Words – Ice to see you.

Doctor Who Monday: Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways…In 10 Words – Boy cries wolf, has a few laughs, I forget how it ends. 

Mr. Burns a Post Apocalyptic Play – Another rave for the play, including a picture of the playbill. 

Which Simpsons character will get de-animated? – There was much hullabaloo this week when the show announced that one of their characters would be dying.  It’s another dumb publicity stunt from a show that loves dumb publicity stunts (remember that fan made character who died after one line?), so the most fun that can be had here is probably through gambling:

The favourite at Ladbrokes is elderly Abe Simpson (3/1), followed by ne’er-do-well Sideshow Bob (4/1) and Comic Book Guy (5/1).

Would the show’s creators even go as far as striking at the heart of our favourite nuclear family? Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are each at 200/1.

CGI Futurama – I’ve seen these awesomely detailed Futurama images before (love the determination on Kif’s face), but I’m not sure if I’d see the Kang & Kodos one.  Nice to show them when they were posing as newlyweds. 

What It’s Like When I Try To Tell My Friends An Interesting Story Or Explain Something That Is Totally Funny And They Just Don’t Get It – Animated .gif of Milhouse’s sprinkler impressions. 

Goodnight, Sweet Prince – I’m apparently not the only one who writes eulogies for deceased laptops on which I watched lots of Simpsons:

When I was camping in the middle of nowhere I’d switch it on, take care of some pictures, maybe play some videogames and watch an episode or two of The Simpsons or Dr House before sleeping.


Then, today, something happened.

While I was downloading a backup copy of a legally owned Tv show, my netbook shut down and I immediately smelled the stench of Doom. The Cpu was gone. I tried to replace the Cpu with  an MP3 player and a chopstick, but it was no use.

He’s gone for good.

Don’t worry, someday you’ll find a piece of electronics you can love just as much.

Simpsons – I wish I was at home – Screen grab of Homer just wishing Burns would let him bat. 

31 Days of Halloween TV Specials: The Simpsons Halloween Special aka Treehouse of Horror I – Just what the title says, and it agrees with us:

I just want to start by saying that The Simpsons would be the greatest show ever created if it had stopped producing episodes about 10 or 11 seasons ago.

This is what you’ve done, Zombie Simpsons, and all for a few lousy hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Best Cooking Show Ever. – It can still get love from a blog called The Golden Age of Television, though:

With the end of the show, the inevitable question is asked: Is Breaking Bad the greatest show ever? For sitcoms I’ll give the first ten years of The Simpsons the nod over Seinfeld and the original The Office because, as the years passed, lines like, “I’ll just keep these keys”, “Probably misses his old glasses” and “Oh no – Bette Midler!” still get a chuckle out of me.

I’ll get you for this Midler!

Afternoon Delight! – YouTube of Speedway Squad! (In Color).

Developmental–The Simpson’s – YouTube of Homer’s amazing passage through the stages of grief.

Ben and Sarah and Emily – Fifth grade teacher attends wedding of two former students who just had their first kid, plus this:

I was making dinner and invited them to stay. We told stories and quoted The Simpsons, as we’ve done for over ten years.

Congrats all around. 

Bonus Eruptus – Heh. 

Animation Domination Review – 9/29/2013 – Admirably succinct:

I think it’s based on Homeland? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never watched that show, I’m just assuming based on the title of the episode. In this episode Homer goes to a convention, he get’s swag then disappears. He returns home seemingly brain washed. Lisa investigates to find that Homer is possibly involved in a terrorist plot. It’s weird and not really that funny.

1-paragraph review of ‘The Simpsons’ Season 25 premiere – Same as above:

“The Simpsons” spoofed “Homeland” in the premiere of its 25th season. They called it “Homerland.” The episode was about as funny as the title, maybe slightly less, if that’s possible.

Oh, it’s possible. 


Quote of the Day

Dangers of Addiction

“But then I spent all my money on my fifteen-hundred-dollar a day habit. . . . I’d like another Faberge egg, please.” – Bleed Gums Murphy
“Sir, don’t you think you’ve had enough?” – Faberge Salesman
“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!” – Bleeding Gums Murphy


Quote of the Day

'Round Springfield11

“Our broadcast range is only twenty-three feet, which makes us the most powerful jazz station in the entire US of A.” – KJAZZ Guy


’Round Springfield Spews Truth

'Round Springfield10

“Two hundred and fifty dollars?  But I need that album to honor the memory of Bleeding Gums Murphy.” – Lisa Simpson
“He’s dead?  Well, why didn’t you say so?” – Comic Book Guy

It doesn’t come up in individual statements, but when you listen to the commentary for this episode right after you listen to the commentary for “Alone Again Natura-Diddily”, the most striking thing is the absence of feeling the need to explain things. Instead of anyone getting defensive or saying something about, “no really, this was a good idea”, it’s all just trivia about the episode, the occasional short tangent, and backstory on this or that. The Season 11 commentary is just this side of an apology. The Season 6 commentary is a regular DVD commentary track.

Five guys on this one: Jean and Reiss, Steven Dean Moore (who directed), and Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia, who wrote the script.

0:20 – Jean starts out by noting that this is the non-“A Star Is Burns” episode that was done with a lot of the staff from The Critic, and they figured that at this point in the show’s run a major character hadn’t been killed, so why not? Importantly, he notes that the episode is actually about “Lisa’s grief”, which is much better than “Flanders’ dating”, but he doesn’t say that last part.

1:00 – Reiss originally wanted to kill Marge’s mother.

1:30 – The first episode Steven Dean Moore worked on was “Moaning Lisa” and this was the first one he directed, so it was a nice bookend for him.

1:50 – Jean notes that Ron Taylor, Steve Allen, Phil Hartman and Doris Grau all did voices on this episode and all of them have since died. That causes Reiss to crack, “It’s a real blood bath, folks, so sit back and enjoy”.

2:25 – Reiss and Jean took credit on the story, but Sternin and Ventimilia got the “teleplay” credit. Reiss notes that show runners don’t usually take story credits like that, but they thought it was going to win a bunch of awards “it’s death and a black guy and jazz” . . . and then it didn’t. But they did get paid.

3:30 – Jean says that they don’t remember for sure who came up with “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, but that it might have been Ken Keeler. Then they joke around about how people took it awfully seriously when it was just a throwaway joke for them.

5:15 – There’s a backlighting effect on the operating table lights to make it look more like old hospital shows.

6:00 – The little glints on the jagged metal-Os are done post production.

6:15 – Reiss’ father is a doctor, and no matter how many times they asked him, he wouldn’t tell them that you could get appendicitis from eating a piece of metal. Jean then jokes that more people saw this than know him, so they won.

6:45 – Writers and directors love flashbacks because they don’t have to do anything.

8:00 – Jean makes the obligatory note that Steve Allen had done a voice before and later harshly criticized the show.

8:30 – Laughing at the Faberge egg habit. Reiss says that Joan Rivers was collecting them and that’s where he got the idea.

9:00 – It’s Castellaneta doing the great Cosby impression here, but they’d gone back to Sunday by now and Cosby was off the air, so Reiss calls it “residual malice”, which would be an awesome band name.

10:15 – Josh Sternin really did have appendicitis once.

10:20 – It took awhile to get Lisa’s un-brushed teeth “gross but clear”.

10:40 – One of the reasons they wanted to pitch this was to let Lisa sing “Jazzman”.

10:50 – Jean then notes that this was when the show was longer so they could take their time and do things like show the song.

11:40 – Jean can’t tell the difference between a tenor and a baritone saxophone. Moore comes on to say that she’s normally supposed to play tenor, but for this they downsized the sax a little. Jean’s brother plays the saxophone, but that doesn’t help, which leads Reiss to crack, “We ignore our families, that’s why we’re comedy writers”.

12:50 – The scene where Lisa wins over the crowd prompts Jean to compare it to the movie Ray where the same thing happens.

13:00 – Reiss comes on to note that Lisa finding out Bleeding Gums is dead should’ve been the act break. I probably haven’t seen this episode with commercials in the better part of a decade, so I really have no idea where the act breaks are.

13:45 – This was only the second script Sternin and Ventimilia had done. The only other one they’d done was an episode of The Critic. They talk about how cool it was to be a fan of the show and then be able to put words in the mouths of the characters. Jean, feeling wistful, says he felt the same way when the cast of Gilligan’s Island came on Alf while he was writing there.

14:50 – Interesting directing note here, David Silverman told Moore that when Grampa is pointing and yelling at various things being “Death!”, they shouldn’t pull the frame out too quickly. They originally had the camera pulling very fast, but the joke is that Grampa is overreacting, so the camera should under-react to show how senile he’s being.

15:15 – Jean jokes that the Starland Vocal Band tattoo would’ve been a great act break which prompts Reiss to say, “Don’t tell that to FOX, they’ll be giving us eight act breaks now”. Just an observation, but Jean always seems to be having way more fun on commentaries where Reiss is around as opposed to when he isn’t.

16:05 – Everyone laughs at the hot dog cart at the funeral.

16:55 – It is indeed a white Bronco in which Hutz and OJ’s attorney’s speed away.

17:10 – That causes Jean to recall that they were working on The Critic right by the freeway during the OJ chase (Wikipedia and YouTube for those of you too young to remember 1994) when they saw all the helicopters. He jokes that they should’ve run to an overpass with a sign reading “Watch The Critic” among all the signs that said Go, OJ Go.

18:00 – Moore was told that the laid back DJ was based on David Mirkin, but nobody seems to know if that’s true or not.

18:30 – Jean and Reiss explain how odd and puzzling Pogs were, even at the time.

19:45 – Just in case you were wondering, this episode gets its title from a 1986 movie called ’Round Midnight.

20:00 – Wes Archer’s brother Martin did most of the animation on the scene where the clouds come together.

20:20 – Everyone laughs at Wiggum getting poisoned.

20:45 – The “Kimba, I mean Simba” joke is a reference to a 1960s cartoon about a lion named Kimba whose father died. There was even a baboon.

21:30 – Reiss asks Sternin and Ventimilia how it was to write this. Predictably they say it was a lot of fun, then one of them jokes, “It was back when we were young and full of hope”. Heh.

21:50 – Moore jokes that after he worked a long time to get a directing slot on the show, he wasn’t sure how many he’d get because, really, how long could it go on after six seasons already?


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