Zombie Simpsons: Countering the Orange Revolution

“So, here’s Eastern Europe’s favorite cat and mouse team: Worker and Parasite!” – Krusty the Klown

Here is another way in which Zombie Simpsons is damaging our world.  The “Ukrainian State Commission of Morals” (motto: Drinking Vodka and Pissing off Russia since 2004!) has declared that The Simpsons violates moral principals and shouldn’t be shown in the Ukrainian equivalent of primetime:  

Vasyl Kostytskiy, head of the Commission of Morals, explained that members were analyzing “The Simpsons” at the request of two governmental bodies (the prosecutor’s office and National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council). Their task was to check the show’s compliance with the nation’s morals law.

“Our conclusion regarding ‘The Simpsons’ said that there was no violation of law on the protection of morals, but our expert believes that the time frame should be taken into account when demonstrating.” Kostytskiy said, pointing out that 400 episodes of the cartoon “were under investigation in many countries.” 

Showing Simpsons to Ukrainian children is, obviously, a good idea.  They’ll learn how to properly mock authority, not take things too seriously, and generally see the humor in life.  But what about Zombie Simpsons?  Let’s face it, Zombie Simpsons isn’t going to teach anyone anything other than that mediocrity is acceptable and you can slouch through life so long as your paymasters get theirs.  That kind of message only encourages thoughtless authoritarianism. 

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    19 November 2010 at 1:31 pm

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