The Kids Are Alright

“Bart, I don’t know if this sould be an Extra.” – Rod Flanders
“Is your source on this reliable?” – Todd Flanders
This is the first thing it says on Emory University’s “About” page:

Emory University is an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care and social action.

That is a mouthful of a sentence, nevertheless I think they have some very fine young people there.  In a paean to Conan O’Brien in the Emory Wheel, senior Daniel Berger writes:

Though it was my favorite show as a kid, by the time I turned 12 or 13 I discovered that the “Simpsons” were best viewed in reruns. The “Simpsons” has declined so much since then that it has unwittingly justified the decision of every other show that decided to go out on a high note.

Okay, let’s do the math.  Seniors are typically 21 or 22 years old – 12 or 13 years old = 8-10 years ago = the dawn of Zombie Simpsons.  He’s hit the nail right on the head.  Here’s hoping he becomes a Fox executive in the next ten years or so, then we might finally get Zombie Simpsons taken off the air.  


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