Friday Link Dump – Obscure Guest Voice Edition

“That guy cheapens our whole profession.” – Bruce Baum

T.O. funnyman Bruce Baum soars into cyberspace – Remember the guy pictured above?  He’s got a comedy website, TheOuterNet.com (careful, video plays when you click), that The Ventura County Star wrote an article about and, in typical newspaper fashion, neglected to link.  Whatever, barbecue armpit deodorant sounds good to me.  

Channeling Homer Simpson on the Deficit Numbers – MIT economist Jonathan Gruber gets a gold star for excellent usage.  

Are The Best Days Of ‘The Simpsons’ Over? – The basic premise here is right on, though it’s written for a website called Starpulse so there’s a distinct whiff of Valley Girl crazy about the whole thing.  (From Starpulse’s about page: “Starpulse.com offers celebrity enthusiasts like you . . “, uh, count me out, thanks.)  There is one little thing that deserves special attention though, the misspelling of ‘Jebus’.  I see this all over the place, ‘Jeebus’ instead of ‘Jebus’.  For fuck’s sake people, it’s pronounced exactly like the original but with a “b” in place of an “s”.  There is no need for an extra “e”.  Wow, that got off topic fast.
Great minds think differently – It’s a list of thinkers, and I used the term loosely, who might have opinions about the current recession, including Homer Simpson, Sun Tzu, Epicurus, and Tony Soprano.  This guy is padding his list just a bit, methinks.
Triceratops Was A Social Animal, Group of Dinosaur Fossils Suggests – A site in Montana has fossils from a bunch of different Triceratops skeletons.  It’s called the Homer Site because the guy who found it, Helmuth Redschlag, is a Simpsons fan.  Well done.  
Lottery win like a joke, trucker says – This guy won almost two million dollars from a lottery machine that said “Woo hoo!” when he scanned his ticket.  
Transit Spotting – Mr. Matt Smith isn’t very happy with a new San Francisco transit project.  I couldn’t tell you anything about the merits of the project, but the man’s got his Simpsons straight and that’s good enough for us.  
The 20 Hottest Movie Mums (via)- Internet lists are always pointless and stupid, but Marge is #1.    
Despite the sunshine, it rained on my parade – Damn right.  Even the Irish thought that episode was a piece of shit.
Barack Obama’s Top 5 Bart Simpson Moments – Just one of the hundreds of radical right wing messages inserted into every post by co-creator Charlie Sweatpants.  


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