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The numbers are in and while they’re a mild improvement from last week they’re still well below both the season average and where they were last year.  Last night’s Sideshow Bob cameo popped for 6.58 million viewers, so the over has it.  

I would also like to point out that “Wedding for Disaster” is a pretty good example of pop culture references instead of pop culture jokes.  I’m not opposed to sending up the concept of psychotic brides to be, because it’s a ridiculous concept and could use some satirizing.  Nor am I opposed to sending up the bridezillas themselves, because crazy people applying their narcissistic crazy to their wedding and everyone around them also deserve to have some fun poked at them.  But that’s not what “Wedding for Disaster” did.  Instead it just has Marge acting nuts (and way way way out of character) in the context of a wedding.  They aren’t satirizing anything, they’re just having their characters act out an overly planned wedding.  
The same goes for the “Saw” thing.  Did it add anything to the episode?  Of course not, they just wanted to reference a string of popular movies.  It’s not like the “Saw” franchise isn’t crying out to be made fun of, they’ve made five movies in five years.  But Zombie Simpsons didn’t make fun of them, they just used the “Saw” plot and visuals to inch their moronic plot along.  


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