Put Down The Glass Dick

“Let’s just say that fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug was the drugs.” – Homer Simpson

I have been perusing some of my favorite Simpsons forums in the last few days and for the most part the responses to last Sunday’s Zombie Simpsons have been par for the season. Most people can’t express enough love for the new episodes, a few are satisfied but have some complaints, and even fewer seem to hate them enough to qualify for membership in DHS. What I have been seeing that bothers me is an increase in comments that express a desire to see even more of the crap that has ruined this show over the years. Seriously people, has the crack epidemic picked up again? Is FOX spiking the world’s water supply? What drugs are you people doing that forces you to post this garbage on the internet for everyone to see? For example, the user ‘Simpsonfloyd’ on nohomers.net states

The parson could even become for Lovejoy waht (sic) Chalmers is for Skinner That would be interesting

First of all it wouldn’t. Unless you mean interesting like having your face mauled by a bear. Then it would. That singing bastard almost cost me sex with my wife for a month. Second of all, that is the kind of thing that ruined the fucking show! We don’t need any more characters! Throw away characters are fine, but they almost always end up becoming regulars. Why is Disco Stu not only in most episodes but in the fucking opening?!? The same goes for the octuplets and for that matter Gil. Also, and I am sure I am not the first bird to sing this song, Gil is an absolutely appalling replacement for the many characters of the late Phil Hartman. In fact every time I see Gil in an episode I get the feeling Mr. Hartman is crying in rich man heaven. But I digress.

Well, that user’s comment covers the addition of new characters, but as long as were are talkin’ crazy, let me add to the list of things I assume people like Simpsonfloyd would love to see:

1. Homer Crying more often. 20 seconds an episode just ain’t going to do it. In fact let’s see if Homer can cry for the duration of an entire episode sometime.

2. More story shows. There is nothing like a good episode where the family ends up in a library or something and retells famous stories with them in place of the orignal characters. Man that’s good TV.

3. Less Scenes in the power plant. Back in the first 10 seasons of the show Homer spent an inordinate amount of time at work. While it was sometimes funny, it wasn’t that funny and it encourages countries like France to rely on nuclear power. Homer may get fired almost every episode nowadays, but can’t we just pretend he never worked there at all? The planet and the Country’s funny bones will thank you.

4. More B-list celebrities. We’ve been doing a good job avoiding the A-listers this season with the likes of Mark Cuban, Emily Blunt and Will Shortz, but let’s really go for it folks! I say we get some guests like Craig Ferguson, Kathy Griffen, or the guy that played Bud on the series “Married With Children.” I bet he’d do it for free!

I can’t do this anymore, my soul hurts. Anyway, I would like to request that you Zombie fans lay off the pipe for a few weeks and see if you still want to see such nonsense every Sunday night. I think you’ll be surprised.

1 Response to “Put Down The Glass Dick”

  1. 1 Lovejoy Fan
    21 January 2010 at 9:36 am

    I remember that comment “Simpsonfloyd” posted, and I didn’t agree with it either. I would be very happy if the parson never appeared again. In fact, I’d have been happier if he hadn’t shown up in the first place, but shit happens.

    Thankfully, people are remembering Homer works at the plant and he does seem to be going back there, but it’s still quite horrifying to see people praising “thank God it’s doomsday” (awful, awful episode), “My big fat geek wedding” (even worse), “Homer the whopper” (are you kidding?), and several other terrible episodes.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on Gil replacing Lionel Hutz.

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