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“Oh, licking envelopes can be fun; all you have to do is make a game of it.” – Principal Skinner
“What kind of game?” – Bart Simpson
“Well, for example, you could see how many you can lick in an hour, and then try to break that record.” – Principal Skinner
“Sounds like a pretty crappy game to me.” – Bart Simpson
“Yes . . . well . . . get started.” – Principal Skinner

I’m pretty apathetic about the Simpsons being on stamps, but it’s all the rage on the internet this week.  Also, there’s some good commenter work and a neat article about cromulent and embiggen. 


D’oh! Simpsons Immortalized On Stamps – From the credit where credit is due file:

Postal official David Failor said the promotional tie-in with the show should regenerate interest in a waning hobby.

“Issuing The Simpsons stamps, which includes known philatelist Bart Simpson, will serve as a great opportunity to interest youngsters in stamp collecting,” he said.

Okay, unless there’s a Zombie Simpsons episode I haven’t seen where they expanded on Bart’s stamp collecting (and it wouldn’t surprise me), isn’t that just a one line gag from “Homer the Vigilante”?  Way to know your Simpsons, bolded postal official.

A bad decision on commemorative stamp – A cranky sounding woman in Iowa wrote a letter to the Sioux City Journal:

So with a commemorative stamp, the U.S. Postal Service has decided to elevate Homer Simpson, the icon of all that is crude and vulgar, to the same status as the likes of Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart and Elvis Presley. 

With the possible exception of Jimmy Stewart nobody on that list is exactly a paragon of virtue.  Would you guess the author’s age as seventies or higher than that?

Postal Service seleases [sic] Simpsons stamps, Mr. Burns miffed – A Chicago radio station interviewed Harry Shearer – American hero – about the new Simpsons stamps.  He riffs in the voices of Burns, Smithers and Flanders about them, it’s right at the beginning of the audio clip (which I don’t think I can embed). 

TV’s Biggest Fools – You suck, TV Guide.  You’re supposed to know television and yet you wrote this:

Homer’s beer-swilling foolishness has driven hundreds of storylines throughout the years. When Homer had the chance to be smarter – by removing a crayola lodged in his brain, no less – he decided that he actually liked himself as a simpleton. He had the crayon reinserted into his brain saying, “Alright Brain, you don’t like me, and I don’t like you. But let’s just do this, and I can get back to killing you with beer.”

The quote is correct but the episode is way off.  That crayon is from “HOMR” in Season 12, the “killing you with beer” thing is from “The Front” in Season 4, which is orders of magnitude funnier than “HOMR”. 

Crazy About Donuts – This has only the briefest mention of Homer Simpson, but it’s about donuts and that affects the whole damn lot of us.

Column: Calling Hollywood to run the West – This guy thinks Hollywood personalities, including  fictional characters, should be western governors.  He picks Homer for Arizona.  That is all. 

You can thank Homer and Marge – An etymological discourse on “cromulent” and “embiggen”. 

Microsoft slapped with $388 million patent verdict – Commenter TinyIoda compares this piddling fine to one levied on Mr. Burns, well quoted and very apt. 

Pakistan’s Identity Crisis – Commenter I Majorajam gets a gold usage star for comparng Bart Simpson’s rock-paper-scissors strategy to efforts against rebels in Pakistan.  

GIRLS MONTH: Lisa Simpson hits the High Street – Lisa Simpson “Brainiac” stuff for girls. 

‘Sarge’ shares passion – A 29-year old on the University of Maine’s rugby team is Grandpa Simpson to his teammates. 

Professor Wrestling: ‘WrestleMania’ Wrap – Comparing Mickey Rourke’s fake punch to something Mr. Burns might throw isn’t a compliment. 

Truth About Dating: Do you have a sense of humor? – An analysis of the “I have a good sense of humor” trope when it comes to the never ending search for a life better than the one you currently have, with several illustrative Simpsons references. 

Pulling A Full Grandpa Simpson – I’m a Pandagon fan, though not usually a commenter, and while the quote is horrifically mangled the sentiment is dead on correct.  George Will?  Kind of an old crank, maybe we should introduce him to the lady from Iowa who remembers a simpler time when Elvis and Sinatra were setting a good example for America’s children.

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