Life Imitating Art


What was clever satire in 1992 . . .

What was clever satire in 1992 . . .


“Oops, I shoulda warned you, that clock gets incredibly hot if you leave it plugged in.” – Krusty Merchandise Executive


I really don’t think there’s a whole lot that needs to be said about this.  It was satirized by the show it’s based off of seventeen years before it even existed. 


To be fair, this one cannot burn you if you leave it plugged in as it cannot be plugged in, it can only run on four AA batteries.  Four!  And the only display appears to be a small (and from the looks of it non-backlit) digital LED.  This is strictly for the moron collector set.

. . . has become a grim reality in 2009.

. . . has become a grim reality in 2009.

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