If you stop Praising it: The Good, the Sad and the Drugly

I still haven’t watched last Sunday’s Zombie Simpson offering, but according to Charlie Sweatpants I didn’t miss much. And that guy is a straight shooter. Unless theres profit to be had… but since he is a blogger I don’t have to worry about that.

Anyway I thought I would peruse the usual fansites to see what the Zombie Legion had to say about it before I sat down for my weekly lobotomy:

“I need to see this episode again if I want to give a more in-depth review, but for now, I’ll be generous and give it a 4/5.” – linonelhutz123 (nohomers.net)

With any luck you’ll be the judge at my next DUI trial.

“Springfield Elementary has only 2 N’s and no Z so there is no way the could have 3 z’s next to willy’s head” -Ben S. (hulu.com)

At least someone had the nerve to point this out.  (note: As I haven’t seen the episode, this comment almost made me vomit in terror.)

“This episode is worth your time for the laughs.” – meathead704 (tv.com)

Especially if you value your time like Zimbabwe values their currency.

“I had no real problems, though limited patience for Anne Hathaway.” – striz (nohomers.net)

If you are picking Zombie Simpsons over Anne Hathaway you do indeed have real problems.

“it made me laugh i dont know why nobody is wirting good reveiws” – Katie H. (hulu.com)

I bet you can’t figure out why your school bus was always so short either.

“I do like Nelson giving him advice from the bushes “Punch her! Punch her!”” – Limbonaut (televisionwithoutpity.com)

So Nelson was guest-voiced by Chris Brown this week?

“Particularly enjoyable is that the episode manages to contrive two equally engrossing plotlines that echo the previous episode’s sentimentalist approach.” – amazingwebhead (tv.com)

I can see how that would be enjoyable, but what did you think of this week’s Simpsons?

Despite the various warnings I have copied and pasted here, I’ll have to watch the episode tonight as my wife and I have a bet riding on it. Apparently there is a scene where Homer kills a fly at the dinner table:  My wife bets the fly lands on Homer’s forehead and he stabs it with a knife while the camera pans back to a view of the house as Homer screams, I say the fly lands on his hand and he tries to stab it with a fork leading to an equally unfunny scream scene… Either way I guess we both lose.

1 Response to “If you stop Praising it: The Good, the Sad and the Drugly”

  1. 1 AManFromDeclan
    26 November 2011 at 2:31 am

    Some major points of why this episode sucked hard:

    -Milhouse has proven once again how much of a poor friend he could possibly be to Bart. Oh sure Bart forgot about him, but he didn’t have to f**k up his romance with Jenny. Possibly some ulterior motive to get back at him for 8F22 (cynical dweeb….).
    -Jenny made Bart cry! First off, she was too much of a goody two-shoes who didn’t even sound like a child. Secondly, she shouldn’t have broken Bart’s heart like that. So he lied to her, BIG WHOOP-DE-DIDDILY. In this day in age, everyone lies. It’s a survival skill! And 75% of the time, people have semi-just reasons for doing so. In Bart’s case, all he wanted was a girl who would accept him, even if it meant hiding his true self (or risk losing her). It’s romantic situations like this one that make you truly appreciate people of neutral alignment. Good girls like Jenny look down on you if you as if you’re less than what you really are, and evil girls like Jessica Love screw you over in the end, leaving you in a world of trouble.
    -Lisa should never have been on those “happy pills”. She is far too intelligent and sophisticated to be reduced to a dazed, love-induced, junkie. This is just another school board/government/psychiatrist-“expert” attempt to put Lisa’s voice to a silence, as well as an attempt to cut corners and blindly push a “problem” to the side, so that everyone else can continue their everyday blissful ignorance, at the expense of an honest idealist.
    -Even after what Milhouse did at the fair, Bart gave an apology and roses to HIM of all people!? Bart does so much for Milhouse. Maybe not a lot, but far more than Milhouse has ever done, or ever will do for him. And JSYK, those two are not gay. You’d think he’d give those things to Jenny, but as far as anyone is concern, she is ancient history (like her Aunt Belle), along with part of Anne Hathaway’s reputation on The Simpsons (The other half being Princess Penelope).
    -While Bart cries his eyes out after being dumped. Homer has the nerve to say “At least you’ll always have your family”. SO WHAT, what else is new!? They always have their family at the end of every episode! It’s the oldest status quo out there! Anytime any of the Simpsons lose any newly-acquired fame/popularity or strike out with any new/current possible friends, affiliations, or romances, it’s always the five of them back on the same couch gag couch in front of the TV. It seems that the Simpsons will never have any true ties and bonds with anyone else outside the immediate family, so they might as well live together in the same house for the rest of lives, while the Simpson children never gain lives of their own, forever unfulfilled………………..

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