Friday Link Dump – Fugitive Edition

Homer's Triple Bypass1“Springfield Cops are on the take
But what do you expect for the money we make?
Whether in a car or on a horse 
We don’t mind using excessive force ”  – Theme to Cops: In Springfield 

This week there’s a man on the run in New Zealand, some talk about Hawaiian shirts and a mythical TV Guide survey that only exists on websites that are not TV Guide‘s.  Also a different blogger named Charlie agrees with me.  Cool.  

New Zealand fugitive finds infamy – A Kiwi is on the run.  I’ll let the BBC explain:

William Stewart, or “Billy” as he is more commonly known, is wanted in connection with a series of burglaries in New Zealand’s South Island.

But the fact he has avoided capture has seen him build up legions of fans.

Hundreds of people have registered on his Facebook pages, following his attempts to stay ahead of the law.

The Facebook pages have pictures of him, and updates on his whereabouts.

They also include posts from fans wishing him good luck, and some goading the authorities. One writes: “Police down here couldn’t catch a cold.” 

If somebody gets killed this will be a lot harder to laugh at, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  

Comedy Central Greenlights New Animated SeriesDavid Stern, who worked on The Simpsons in the before time, is working on a new animated show for Comedy Central:

Ugly Americans, slated for a Q1 2010 premiere, takes place in an alternate universe New York City where creatures from horror, fantasy and science-fiction live among ordinary citizens. It focuses on Mark Lilly, a human social worker for the Department of Immigration who helps new citizens of all kinds adapt to life in the city.

Yeah, I’ll give that a shot.

Top 5 Weirdest Simpsons Games of All Time – I disagree with this:

But as time went by, like the show, the games got weirder and weirder (and for the most part, better and better).

And this is just plain un-American:

The Simpsons Hit & Run was like a spoof of Grand Theft Auto, but I sort of enjoyed it more than the game it was spoofing to be honest.

But it’s an interesting list nevertheless.  

Homer Simpson Approves of Google Android 2.0 “Donut” – Even by our standards this is a thin link, but pink frosting gets me every time.  

Hawaiian shirts – It’s an eight hundred word meditation on Hawaiian shirts with a mostly correctly quoted Homer Simpson reference:

Homer Simpson perhaps distilled the essence of the shirts when he told Marge: “There’s only two kinds of guys who wear Hawaiian shirts: gay guys and big, fat party animals.”

It gets better though.  A guy named Jim Lewen, who sells them on line, misses the point:

“Homer Simpson was wrong. They are not just for big fat guys,” he said.

No.  No, they’re not.  Possible Homer Sexual alert.  

‘Simpsons’ Mr Burns voted TV’s worst boss – Despite some searching with both Google and TV Guide’s website I couldn’t find the actual survey.

Welcome to LandShark Stadium, Miami – Tim Elfrink of the Miami New Times doesn’t like the fact that the Dolphins rename their stadium every five years and he likens the new name to a deal with the devil:

You know, Robert Johnson got the chops to be the best bluesman in the Delta. Faust got unlimited power. Even Bart Simpson got five dollars from Milhouse.

This is really more a reference that usage, but it is well done, though I hardly think Jimmy Buffett qualifies as the devil.  

Mail storm – Sanctimonious whining from a newspaper editorial board that mentions Bart.  Close enough.

The Best Season Finales Ever – I feel more than a little dirty linking to this because pretty much all the shows listed are crap I would never watch, but “Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1” is on here and that gets a link.

Good Questions That I’ll Never Dare Ask – Writing for the Connecticut Law Tribune, Amy Goodusky has a question she wishes she could ask potential jurors:

Who is your favorite character on “The Simpsons?” I want to load the box with people who like Mr. Burns. Lisa Simpson is a close second.

Okay, those type of people might make good defense jurors, but what if you’re the prosecutor?  If I were prosecuting someone I’d stake my money on the Ralph Wiggum fans.  

How Is it that the Wall Street Journal Editors Have Absolutely No Memory of the Last 8 Years? – Okay fine, AlterNet and The Wall Street Journal are about as far apart ideologically as it gets, but it’s still not a good sign for your political party when your opponents can compare you to Abe Simpson and Charles Montgomery Burns.  

Bachelor Party Invites and the Simpsons – A guy used the Simpsons stamps for his brother’s bachelor party invites, neat.  Incidentally, I was at a bachelor party last night which is why today’s link dump is going up at four thirty in the afternoon. 

When Enough is Enough – We’ll give the final word to Charlie from Fun Run Films & Records, though you should click over and read the whole thing:

Hear me out. I love the Simpsons. I do. Once, it was one of the funniest shows on TV. No scratch that. It was the funniest show on TV. A cornerstone of modern television comedy. But it’s been 20 years now. Nobody will be as good as the Simpsons in the mid 90’s, not even the Simpsons.

Watching a recent episode, approximately the 425th in their time, brought it all to a head for me. I realized that the Simpsons are now essentially a mixtape of former plots and jokes spread at random to avoid suspicion. Every gag was eerily familiar, though maybe character roles were reversed or the trigger for the gag different. But there was no mistaking the obviousness. It’s time for the Simpsons to realize enough is enough.


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