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People type all kinds of shit into search engines, so even a humble and low traffic blog like this one gets hits from some pretty weird searches.  The most entertaining of these are usually sexual in nature and so we hereby present this list of actual search terms that people have used to find the Dead Homer Society in the last month and a half:

lisa and bart simpson in bed

marge simpson porn

homer simpson and marge simpson porn

bart and marge doing it

bart fucks lisa

lisa simpson porn

bart and lisa simpson in bed together

smithers and mr. burns kissing

marge simpsons boobs

erotic manicure stories

bart simpson having sex with milhouse

marge simpson fuckers

simpsons homer und marge fuck

bart fucking march

bart and lisa simpsons fuckking

simpsons bart fucking milhouse

marge simpson suck

bart fuckes marge simpsons in kittchen

marge fucks homer

lisa and bart simpson sucking

My favorite is the one about the “kittchen”.  Lots of people have oedipal impulses, but the need to have Bart fuck his mother in the kitchen is so quaint it’s almost charming.  I wonder if the more common motivation here is horniness or boredom?  I’d bet on boredom, but horniness wouldn’t surprise me.

What’s most amusing about all these is the fact that this website contains nothing sexually explicit.  So what likely happened is that people were searching for sexually explicit Simpsons material but then their general Simpsons interest led them to click here anyway.  That’s fandom.

Oh yeah, and be careful running these types of searches if you’re in Australia:

Simpsons cartoon rip-off is child porn: judge

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