Homer the Street Sign

Homer Street Sign

Last Monday a blog post went up at OnMilwaukee.com (with the picture at right) about an official looking street sign some enterprising individual attached to the real street sign for Homer Street.  That is fucking cool, no matter how you slice it.  The city, naturally, saw things differently and had the sign pulled down

Now, in Milwaukee you can apparently apply for a license for street art of this nature, but in order to do so the original artist has to step forward and so far no one has.  This led to a second blog post at OnMilwaukee asking for help locating the artist.  The comments section (which seems needlessly complex) devolved quickly into bickering and pointless name calling.  So far, the Homer sign is still in the possession of the city, but if it gets put back it would be really neat.  Here’s hoping. 


deadhomersociety (at) gmail

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