Crazy Noises: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer

El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer3

“Has anyone seen Homer?” – Marge Simpson

“Marge, better you hear it from me than some gossipy neighbor.  Homer made a total jackass of himself.” – Helen Lovejoy

“Oh Helen that’s enough, call off your dogs.” – Rev. Lovejoy

“But someone had to tell her, and I got here first.” – Helen Lovejoy

In an attempt to fill the summer with love, hate and pointless Simpsons commentary we at the Dead Homer Society are going to spend some time overthinking Season 8.  Why Season 8?  Because Season 8 is when The Simpsons really began to deteriorate into Zombie Simpsons.  That’s why.  Because we’re cutting edge and ultra-modern we’re using a newfangled, information-superhighway fad called a “chatroom” to conduct our conversation.  This text has been edited for clarity and spelling (especially on the longwinded Spanish title of the episode).

Today’s episode is 809 “El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer“, tomorrow will be 812, “Mountain of Madness“.

Dave: Let me start my saying I think we’ve left the dregs of Season 8.

Charlie Sweatpants: Definitely out of the dregs, but I’m not a real big fan of either one of these.

Dave: Instead, we’ve moved onto the pleasantly innocuous, but not particularly awesome episodes.

Yeah, not a fan per se.

But I don’t hate them either.

Charlie Sweatpants: Right, like I do watch them from time to time, but there’s rarely a time when I’m like, “Fuck yeah, I haven’t seen that one in forever.”

Mad Jon: Fair enough. My problem with Viaje is that the deeper meaning of Homer’s existence is to me what clothes are to nudist colonists.

I know they are there, and some people are into them, but I find the whole thing extremely off-putting.

And I am comfortable with who I am.

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah, this episode is one of the most uneven ones they ever did.

The beginning is funny, then the whole second act is Homer’s weird freak out which only has a few jokes in it, then it gets funny again, and then it has a weird dance party ending.

It’s almost bi-polar.

Dave: Shades of Burns, Baby, Burns.

Mad Jon: Oh yeah.

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah.

Dave: Everything’s wrapped up in a nice neat package.

Dave: Too nice, too neat.

Mad Jon: On the bright side Johnny Cash is the talking space coyote

Dave: Yes, that is indisputably awesome.

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah, but did we need to take four minutes of screen time to get to him?

Mad Jon: And there are a few pretty good lines. And the Simpsons quote I use more than any other is in this episode as well.

Dave: Which one’s that?

Charlie Sweatpants: Says to Mabel?

Mad Jon: “I’m a well wisher, as in I don’t wish you any specific harm.”

Charlie Sweatpants: That’s a good one too.

I always liked that Kearney was drinking in the bar with them for no reason.

Dave: There are plenty of sporadic bits of funny in this episode. I like the line about Batman letting himself go.

Mad Jon: Oh, with the batlight deal?

I liked Smithers’ Cowboy outfit

“Hot Nashville Nights”

Charlie Sweatpants: Ah, but that’s before the episode goes insane.

There are also pretty noticeable aspects of Zombie Homer here.

Mad Jon: But it doesn’t make up for the fact that Homer doesn’t go to work, at all. Or that He spends the entire episode dealing with learning a lesson about Marge and soul mates or whatever. Pretty much anything would have been a whiff…

Dave: Definitely..

Charlie Sweatpants: It’s not so much the structure of the story I don’t like, it’s the relative emphasis.

Mad Jon: I agree

Dave: Bingo

Charlie Sweatpants: Learning the lessons and such just takes too damn long.

I mean, the lighthouse scene at the end just goes forever.

Dave: And they’re sort of trite lessons too

Charlie Sweatpants: There’s that too.

Dave: And by sort of, I mean excruciatingly so.

Charlie Sweatpants: It’s not like this is the first time Marge has gotten mad at Homer, but there’s more of her being angry in single scenes in this one than there is in all of “Secrets of a Successful Marriage”.

And the whole plot of that one is based on Marge being mad at Homer.

Mad Jon: yeah, I say meh.

Charlie Sweatpants: When the episode isn’t spazzing out though, it’s just tremendously funny. The merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango, the talking dog, Helen Lovejoy and her evil gossip.

Mad Jon: The GBM.

Dave: Heh.

Charlie Sweatpants: No, I don’t like that. Or that. It’s not that I’m afraid. I’m gonna hang up now.

Mad Jon: And Wiggum saying it’s not his job to talk people out of killing themselves.

Charlie Sweatpants: Flanders worrying his kids that he might be going to chili jail is good too.

Dave: I liked Kent’s safety whistle

Mad Jon: ha ha

Daddy, Are you going to jail?

Charlie Sweatpants: We’ll see son, we’ll see.

Oh, and speaking of great quotes: “Less artsy, more fartsy.”

Mad Jon: And “you mean the hot pants?” “Arr, the hot pants.”

Charlie Sweatpants: That’s really the only redeeming part of the end. Well, that and Marge’s reaction to Homer saying “in your face space coyote!”.

Dave: Space coyote?

Mad Jon: yeah, that’s funny

Charlie Sweatpants: Cracks me up every time.

Random question, why is Lenny at the handicraft booth Marge looks at? He’s running it, and he’s kinda prominent in the background, but he never does anything. That just always struck me as weird.

Mad Jon: Meh, Gotta be someone.

And I could see Lenny being a crafty bastard

Dave: It’s weird, and I’ve no good explanation.

Charlie Sweatpants: It kinda feels like something that was maybe cut late for time reasons, but what do I know?

Dave: Maybe the commentary has some insight?

Charlie Sweatpants: Possibly, do I care enough to check, though?

Dave: Nah.

Mad Jon: I don’t

Dave: At least not tonight.

Charlie Sweatpants: Anything else that jumped out at you?

Dave: Negative good sir.

Mad Jon: Nah, I think I already dropped my wisdom on the keyboard. and some on my pants…

Oh, wait, that’s vodka. Nevermind

Charlie Sweatpants: Okay, general ratings (top, mid, etcetera)?

Mad Jon: For me it’s upper lowerclass.

Charlie Sweatpants: I gotta go mid to low. There’s just too much dead time.

Mad Jon: The best of the boringest

Dave: It’s lower mid for me

Charlie Sweatpants: Yes, good discussion there.

Well, any other funny or hated parts or should we move along?

Mad Jon: Rise to vote sir.

Sorry about that, Let’s move on.

Dave: Let’s.

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  1. 1 Thrillho
    30 September 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Disagreed. This has always been one of my favorites from Season 8 for the sheer creativity of Homer’s dream sequence, and several good jokes throughout. And there’s nothing not awesome about getting Johnny Cash to voice a coyote spirit guide.

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