Seth MacFarlane Gets It

I’ve said many times that I find the Family Guy versus The Simpsons arguments unbelievably stupid and pointless.  I maintain that stance.  Wherever you are on that one though, this interview with Seth MacFarlane speaks truth:

“I don’t want to go 20 years like The Simpsons,” MacFarlane told Sun Media. “Ideally we would go another couple of years and then wrap it up. That would be my perfect scenario.

“I mean, I can already see it coming. I can already see the … we’re in season eight, and it gets harder, it gets harder and harder to do new stuff. I mean, every show starts to suck after a certain point. And we could already be there for all I know, I don’t know.”

Zombie Simpsons is not The Simpsons.  That show, the one the Dead Homer Society loves, went off the air years ago after succumbing to precisely the effect MacFarlane describes here.

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