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I can’t hide it, digging into Season 12 has sapped my will to live.  Here’s your much abbreviated Friday Link Dump.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to stick my head into a bucket of battery acid and yearn for death.

Are Freshmen Necessary? – This is oblique Simpsons usage made cromulent by the link:

If there’s previewing being done, it goes without saying that the previewers are wondering aloud which ACC freshmen will make the biggest splash: Derrick Favors, John Henson, Ryan Kelly, Michael Snaer, or, as Homer Simpson might say, someone else?

The link is to “Homer the Vigilante”.  Nice.

LET THEM EAT CAKE – Ponder this:

Another prominent American cake lover is Homer Simpson. In the Simpson’s episode in which Homer ends up in bed with a gorgeous female who is very much not his wife they climax together when having copious food sex. “Desserts aren’t always right,” says the yellow woman when their stomachs are about to burst. “But they are so sweet,” says the yellow guy who just can’t get enough of cherry pie.

It’s misquoted, but as it’s a French blog it’s possible that it is the correct quote on the Francais version of the show.  Still, I don’t think they had food sex in either version.

Fish Bulb – It’s a t-shirt:

Modern Classic has created a tee called “Fish Bulb” that shows the Matsumura Fishworks logo on the front and the Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern logo on the back.


The Simpsons coming to Sunderland – People in Simpsons costumes are coming to Sunderland, England on the 30th.

NFL Season Preview Part 1 – Poor usage:

Oakland Raiders – To quote the philosopher Homer (Simpson): “I’ve seen teams suck before, but these are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!”

This was correctly quoted by that Cubs fan last week, you can read the full quote there.

I Think My Logic Is Beyond Reproach – This is a rather long discussion of, amongst other things, pop culture popularity, atheism and Godfather III.  In classic “lazy blogger” fashion I didn’t read all the back and forths, just this post.  Here’s the relevant part:

It’s hard for me to explain the greatness of The Simpsons beyond “It’s funny” or The Brothers Karamazov beyond “It’s…about…everything.”

I’ll say right now that “Brothers Karamazov” is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  But I can explain the greatness of The Simpsons way, way, way beyond “It’s funny”.  If you’d like to know more, please visit www.deadhomersociety.wordpress.com.

The Tale of the Tape: Know your enemy – Discussing the need for enemies he perfectly quotes Lisa:

Perhaps the best quote on the matter comes from Lisa Simpson: “Everybody needs a nemesis. Sherlock Holmes had his Dr. Moriarty, Mountain Dew has its Mellow Yellow.”

Why’d he end it there?  “Even Maggie has that baby with the one eyebrow.”  Still, excellent usage.

DVD review: Simpsons Twelfth Season has ode to Comic Book Guy – It’s a relatively positive review of the DVD set and Season 12 in general.  Observe:

Beyond that, CBG stars in his own episode in this set. It’s titled Worst Episode Ever, but that’s in reference to a bad Itchy & Scratchy cartoon that CBG hates, not this show, which is one of the better episodes. Indeed, it really lays out the quiet desperation of CBG’s life, which takes a turn when he starts dating, let’s just say, an older woman. And she’s no Demi Moore to his Ashton Kutcher.

Yes, things continue to be twisted in Springfield, which is just how we like it.

“Better”?  It’s impossible for anything in Season 12 to be “better” than anything else because the entire fucking thing registers at -273.15C.

Like I needed yet another reason to stay in on the weekends. The Simpsons Season 12 / Gossip Girl Season 2 on DVD – The only reason Season 12 should keep you in on the weekend is on account of depression related alcohol poisoning.  Fuck Season 12.

The Simpsons Fail – Once again I get to finish things up with another blogger who agrees with us:

Was just watching the Simpsons. New episode. I just remembered why i stopped watching it. The new episodes suck, i don’t know about you, but the only bits that are funny, is re used material. And it’s completely gone from funy oone liners and politics, to a really bad version of slapstick, where everyone seems to die, and nothing happens. 90% of the jokes were the same jokes as it had been all episode. ‘Oh HAHA! look! cheif wiggum isn’t a good policeman! They havn’t done that one before!’

Oh, indeed.


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