“Skinner’s Sense of Snow” Makes Baby Jesus Cry

“Oh sure, there were a lot of laughs.  You probably couldn’t hear them, the acoustics were so bad.” – Bart Simpson

I’ve always hated this episode for the simple reason that Springfield Elementary used to be a fountain of unlimited comedy and now they’ve turned it into a horror show.  “Skinner’s Sense of Snow” had a decent premise, kids trapped in snow bound school, and then proceeded to run it into the ground with weird plot twists, characterless jokes and a plot stretched so thin to fill the allotted time that it obliterates whatever plausibility the premise originally had.  There are eight guys on this commentary and even they don’t have much positive to say.

3:00:  There’s a prize for knowing the first time we see Maggie in her star outfit?  Isn’t that from the very first scene of “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”?  Or are we talking about the Ullman shorts?

4:30:  There’s so very little going on screen that they get into a long, boring discussion of Cirque du Soleil.  It’s boring as a concept, boring live, and boring in general.

5:30ish:  Long, long silence.  There are eight guys here, they were heavily involved in the production of this episode and yet it’s so devoid of anything that could be called actual content that they can’t gin up even a trivial bit to discuss or even laugh at.  Remarkable.

7:00:  Mindless laughter at elf saying “I’m happy”.

8:15:  Mindless laughter at the burning DVD.

10:25:  Even one of the guys here is confused at Homer’s stupidity

10:55:  Laughing at the fact that Nelson’s bike is conveniently available and then how they wanted the bike bouncing to go on even longer than it already does.

11:30:  More long, long silences.

12:10:  More gawking over outfits, this time with Skinner in his uniform.

13:00:  Long, long silence, again.

13:40:  Laughing at the fact that Homer is making no sense but was saved by the fact that they hit a fire hydrant for no reason.  So basically they wrote crappy dialogue but it’s okay because they cut it off with an unmoored plot point.  Bra-vo.

15:00:  Silence, then mindless laughter, then more silence.  There isn’t even enough here to make fun of.

19:00: Mindless laughter at the hamster crashing through the windshield for some reason.  Then more silence.  Then it ends with them admitting they’re out of things to say or plug.  Wow.

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  1. 23 August 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Methinks a Purple Heart should be forthcoming if you actually manage to listen to every season 12 episode commentary.

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