Zombie Simpsons In the Land of TV Tropes

The basic position of this blog is that Zombie Simpsons is just like regular television whereas The Simpsons was in a league of its own.  One is not like the other.

Current TV recently added segment to its InfoMania show called “That’s Gay” on which the host, Bryan Safi, takes a critical, and often very funny, look at how homosexuality is used and abused in modern culture.  Last Wednesday he was making fun of the the way teevee shows routinely use chicks kissing as a throw away plot point that often mysteriously coincides with sweeps:

The Simpsons relevant part starts at 2:15 where they show Homer’s imagining of Marge kissing another woman in Season 20’s brain meltingly terrible “How the Test Was Won”.  Other shows mentioned that employed the same trope:

  • The O.C.
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Dirt
  • Torchwood
  • Sex in the City
  • Friends
  • the new Melrose Place

That is not a list on which the real Simpsons would ever have found itself.  If The Simpsons was still on the air it would’ve found a way to satirize the cliche even while using it (see: Smithers, Waylon).  Not so with Zombie Simpsons, which is why it gets lumped in with the rest of the dreck and deservedly so.

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