Friday Link Dump – Not About Season 12 Edition

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“Listen, we’ve been meaning to have a talk with you about your reviews.  Everything’s a rave!  ‘Nine thumbs up’, what the hell is that?” – Garth Tralawney, TV Critic

There have been more half assed reviews of Season 12 in the inbox in the last two weeks than I care to think about.  Most of them are glowing in a “look at all the features!/this show is a timeless classic” kind of way.  Today’s link dump is the stuff that wasn’t those, this includes a neat eBay item, bad web design (as if we should talk), lots of excellent usage and some non-pornographic search terms.

Nostalgic Timepieces. Not quite vintage, but The Simpsons are a part of my childhood. – Simpsons watches, from the campy to the almost classy.

eBay Gem: A Pre-Simpsons Matt Groening and His ‘Smurf House’ – A signed 1st edition of Groening’s Life in Hell book can be yours for some cash.  The awesome story is free.  A sample:

Matt invited me inside. He said he was working on the strip and asked if I would like to see it. Matt was a bachelor then. His house looked bachelorish. Sketches everywhere. A cat, maybe two, maybe his, maybe not.

Top 7 rarely seen Simpsons characters – Pretty much what it says it is.  I always liked Sideshow Raheem.

Lions claim Cletis Gordon – You probably already know why this is linked, but just in case:

(And, yeah, we probably are fascinated with Cletis Gordon because he shares a first name with one of our favorite characters on The Simpsons.)

Details on the Next Simpsons Halloween Special and More – News about the upcoming season of Zombie Simpsons.  Feh.

Bart Simpson’s voice coming to Fairmont play – Nancy Cartwright is going to play a character in a radio theater production at her old high school in central Ohio.

Why I love labels: Exhibit A – Describing an artwork I’ve never heard of, we get this:

Full confession though: I love Jonathan Horowitz’s work, particularly mon-sun (1999). However, no amount of riffing on minimalism or corporate artworld purchasing structures can salvage the following work from forever being associated in my mind with the Simpson’s episode where a Yoko Ono-esque character requests “A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat.”

Excellent usage.

Words of Wisdom – Grandpa Simpson – It’s just a Grandpa quote, but it’s quoted correctly and that always gets linked.

The Simp-Sims – Someone once created a Sims/Simpsons hybrid?  Why not?  (Also: nice WordPress theme.)

This border battle is all about turf – The Register-Guard is a daily newspaper in Eugene, Oregon.  In preparation for last night’s game between the University of Oregon and Boise State columnist Bob Welch wrote a comprehensive comparison of Oregon and Idaho and then scored it football style.  Here’s the Simpsons part:

Creators of fictional heroes: Idaho-born Edgar Burroughs was the man behind the Tarzan king-of-the-jungle book series. But is the “ape man“ the equal of heroic Homer Simpson, created by Oregonian Matt Groening? Field goal, Ducks. (UO 41-28.)

His final predicted score was 48-35 in favor of Oregon.  The actual game ended with Boise State on top 19-8.  I probably should’ve posted this yesterday, oh well.

Jealousy or envy? – From Ruby Taylor-Newton of the Fiji Times comes an article about the difference between being jealous and being envious and it contains this little piece of excellent usage:

Some examples: In a 1991 The Simpsons episode When Flanders Failed, Lisa asks Homer if he’s ever heard of schadenfreude after he expresses delight that Ned Flanders’ business is failing. Defining it for him, she says, “It’s a German term for “shameful joy”, taking pleasure in the suffering of others.

Perfectly quoted and relevant to the discussion, excellent usage.

Fugly Friday : Bannock County Bluegrass Festival – Making fun of the hilariously poor, even by 1996 standards, design of this web site Open Source Blog drops this nugget:

In fact, the only single point upon which those three colors should converge is in a low-rent stripper’s eye makeup. As Marge Simpson’s mother once said, “Ladies pinch. Whores use rouge.”

Excellent usage.

A Tribute to Mayor Quimby…I mean Ted Kennedy – It’s just a bunch of Quimby quotes, some of which are off.  Still, a fitting tribute.

Fowl-Freak Out: A Vegetarian’s Tale – A tale of one vegetarian’s conversion with a small assist from Lisa Simpson.

D’oh! Eat My Shorts. Ay Caramba. – A first hand account of the official Simpsons stamps release function at FOX.

Top 10 Television Title Sequences – These don’t seem to be in any particular order, some of them I’ve seen and some of them I haven’t, but Simpsons is on there.

Boob Cruising In The Mall – Finally, we’re apparently not the only ones who get weird search terms.  He got two about Bart:

bart simpson is an asshole

bart simpson allegedly murdered

I can kinda see “bart simpson is an asshole”.  Somebody doesn’t like the show and is looking for other people who don’t like the show.  But “allegedly murdered”?  Got me.


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