Friday Link Dump – Burning Donuts Edition

Burning Donuts

“The bright blue flame indicates this was a particularly sweet donut.” – Principal Dondelinger

The right half the image above is taken from our first link this week about a donut fire in New Zealand.  There’s also a couple of cromulent lists, some excellent usage and a Japanese gymnast who made a perfect dismount on what was later revealed to be a broken leg.  Seriously.


D’oh! Springfield’s giant Simpsons doughnut gets toasted – The town of Springfield on the South Island of New Zealand received a 4.5 meter donut as a promotion for the movie.  They were debating whether or not to keep it permanently when some asshole set fire to it.  Bummer.

Michelangelo, Dante, Da Vinci, and Homer Simpson – Duff Beer for sale in Florence, Italy.  Also for sale, a bunch of t-shirts and the usual assortment of Simpsons crap.

The Simpsons, “Homer the Whopper” [season premiere] – A much more gentle takedown of “Homer the Whopper” than ours.  Also, permit me to answer this question:

I remember when this show had true moments of emotion between the characters. Moments of love, or fear or … something. This was all just so over the top, it was even more out there than the “Treehouse of Horror” specials. Was this a one-off anomaly, or has The Simpsons lost its heart?

This was not an anomaly.

How Worrisome Is the Philadelphia Bullpen? – Quotes Smooth Jimmy Apollo.  Excellent usage.

Big-Screen Geek Girls – Lisa makes the list, though I’ve always thought of her more as a nerd than a geek.

Passing the 2016 Olympic Torch: Tokyo – Discussing a Japanese gymnast who actually performed on a broken leg, blogger Dan Levy cites “Lisa’s First Word”.  It was Korean gymnast in the Simpsons, but the YouTube video about the Japanese guy was pretty interesting regardless.

Video Fun Friday: Homer Celebrates the Postseason – Celebrating the Rockies making the playoffs with a little “Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken”.

Cool! – It’s a “Last supper” style painting with various famous clowns, including Krusty, three Jokers (even the one from the campy 60s teevee show) and Bozo as Jesus.  Neat.

A fish which looks like Homer Simpson – I put this up on the Twitter feed on Wednesday, but it’s creepy and accurate enough to merit mentioning again.  That fish does kinda look like Homer.

To Beer or not to Beer: Rick Miller’s MacHomer – A glowing review of MacHomer.  I seriously need to see this thing.

Fantastic 5 on Friday -Simpsons quotes – Some of the quotes are slightly off, but who cares?  Hooray for pointless Simpsons quoting (and nothing past Season 10)!

Goregirl’s Five Favorite Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episodes – It’s not so much episodes as it is the individual segments.  It’s a pretty solid list (i.e. nothing from after Season 7).

Sideshow Bob – A cool looking Sideshow Bob sculpture done by, “trained Kenyan artisans”.

Fall under the spell of Portico – More about the UK Jazz quartet that’s going to be in Spurlock’s special.

The Simpsons – Rare indeed is the person who is funnier when not quoting Simpsons than when quoting Simpsons.

Who Remembers?: When the Simpsons Was Funny – And finally, this week I get to end with someone who agrees with us.  In fact this guy went so far as to spend some time on Hulu and put together a series of clips depicting the difference between The Simpsons and Zombie Simpsons.  Here’s the intro:

The Simpsons has been around waaaay too long. Let’s face it, this show has over stayed it’s welcome as America’s favorite family. To illustrate this point I’ll show a good Simpsons clip then a bad Simpsons clip much like Animaniacs’ popular segment “Good Idea” “Bad Idea”.

He then proceeds to alternate clips and the choices of which old clips to pair with which new clips are spot on.  Bravo.

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