FOX Makes Our Argument For Us

The essential contention of Zombie Simpsons supporters is that even if the show has fallen off it’s still pretty good and well worth watching.  We of the Dead Homer Society disagree.  That is no secret.  But you know who else doesn’t find much merit in that argument?  FoxBroadcasting.  The YouTube video below, showing clips of Grandpa talking about history, was put up by FOX itself.  Watch carefully.

Notice anything?  Every single one of those Grandpa clips is from Season 9 or earlier.  There isn’t a single bit from after 1997.  Someone at FOX doesn’t think much of Zombie Simpsons either.

4 Responses to “FOX Makes Our Argument For Us”

  1. 1 Patrick
    10 January 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Also the Barney Burp and Homer doh mashups both only feature burps and dohs from the older seasons. Hmmm

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