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Stochastic Simpsons Imagery

A couple of different users mentioned this on ye olde Twitteree, but in my estimation it’s worth the forty-five seconds of effort necessary for a blog post because it’s just too damned enjoyable.  This:

Simpson Mania: 35 wonderful pictures

is a gallery of . . . well, a lot of things.  There’s Simpsons tattoos.  There’s promotional stuff from the movie.  There’s food of various kinds.  There’s things we’ve talked about here before and things I’ve never seen.  It’s cool. 


High Art Simpsons

“Indeed.  Marge you find the inner beauty of your subject and bring it out for all to see!” -  Professor Lombardo 

Check out these fan-fugu-tastic Simpsons renditions by David Barton.  He’s done them in the styles of famous artists.  Here’s Marge in Vermeer’s “Girl with Pearl Earring”:

Vermeer Marge The necklace instead of the earring really makes it.

Then there’s Groundskeeper Willie, van Gogh style:

Willie Van Groundskeeper When a man this intense says ‘Ach! Keep off the grass’, man, you’d better keep off the grass.

There are two more at the site, one of Apu as Salvador Dali and a Rembrandt style Homer.  Check both of them out, they’re just as awesome as these two. 

(found via Web Designer Depot)


People Like Witches (Sort of)

Chalkboard - Rednecks and Boomsticks

The numbers are in and last night’s gruel-thin effort at witch humor managed to entice 8.99 million viewers.  That’s the third highest all year and brings the Season 21 average up to 8.39 million.  In addition to that small triumph, Zombie Simpsons not only managed to out draw The Cleveland Show (giving it a commanding 5-2 lead in their increasingly lopsided ratings duel), but also beat Family Guy by more than half a million viewers.  That’s the first time in a long time a first run Zombie Simpsons has done that.  Oh well.


Quote of the Day

The PTA Disbands1

“And Bart isn’t doing very well either.  He needs boundaries and structure.  There’s something about flying a kite at night that’s so unwholesome.” – Marge Simpson
“Hello, mother dear.” – Bart Simpson


“We’re 13 minutes short, does anyone have any ideas on how to make this longer?”

Let’s start with the good stuff.  Dave and I both laughed when the car hit Bambi.  That was funny.  Um, then there was the “nipple slip hotline” on Flanders’ speed dial, that was . . . okay.  The rest of the episode was so thin on ideas and humor as to be transparent.  Clock eating, comedy free sequences include:

  • Long ass traffic scene at the beginning
  • The “suspense” sequences surrounding the witches
  • The “Sideways” moonshine/wine-tasting montage
  • The pointless, yet exposition heavy, trial in the courtroom
  • Moe’s two bizarre scenes, especially the mob one that pushed this tired thing over the finish line

Classic Simpsons could’ve crammed every one of tonight’s plot points into about a five minute B-story (plus it probably would’ve had, you know, jokes). 

There is one other thing that bears mentioning.  I don’t know if it was a national spot or just on the local affiliate, but there was an honest to Jebus detergent commercial.  A woman in a hospital bed sees an astonishingly handsome doctor (bathed in angelic light) who tells her about the benefits of some liquid detergent.  At first I thought it was one of those ads that takes a well worn stereotype and uses it for another purpose.  Nope, straight up detergent ad.  If there’s one thing that marks formulaic, crappy television it’s ads that are usually broadcast during daytime soap operas. 


Multicultural Sunday Morning

I’m posting this strictly because it cracked me up just now:

Batman científico. 

(via Twitter)


Sunday Preview: “Rednecks and Broomsticks”

Another Sunday is upon us, which of course means there’s a new episode of Zombie Simpsons waiting in the wings to ruin our evening. There’s no promo picture for me to bloody up, but there is a description (courtesy of Simpsons Channel) that we can all point and laugh at:

Just as Lisa is about to become involved with a group of practicing Wiccans, they get arrested for witchcraft and Lisa becomes the star witness in their trial.

Right, because we’re all looking forward to what sounds like a 22-minute ToH segment gone bad. I’m also quite certain that making fun of Wiccans stopped being relevant or enjoyable years ago. Androgynous teenage vampires are the new Wiccans, idiots. But wait, there’s more! Here’s the B-plot from SNPP:

Homer becomes friends with Cletus when he discovers Cletus and his friends make their own moonshine.

Why do Homer and Cletus need to be friends? Their relationship is best summed up in “Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily” and anything further is both a flagrant lie and superfluous. But this is Zombie Simpsons, so I should stop asking questions and just accept that our favorite characters are now soulless proxies for a peculiar brand of un-humor.

By the way, now would be a good time to start drinking yourselves into lucidity in advance of tonight’s clusterfuck. Whiskey counts as beer if it’s a boilermaker.


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