Sunday Preview: “Pranks and Greens”

I don’t know what a “Jonah Hill” is, but apparently there will be one guest starring in this Sunday’s episode of Zombie Simpsons. Here’s the brief description from Simpsons Channel:

Bart tracks down Andy Hamilton, Springfield Elementary’s best prankster ever (guest voice Jonah Hill) and they become fast friends until Bart gets Andy a job working for the ultimate clown.

Not much to work with, admittedly, but I’m not holding my breath for this one. And, bonus, we’ve got an encore presentation of the dreadful Season 21 opener, “Homer the Whopper.” Fox has deemed it fit to let us revel in feeling our grey matter disintegrate for a FULL FUCKING HOUR. Truly, what a god amongst broadcasters they are.

2 Responses to “Sunday Preview: “Pranks and Greens””

  1. 1 Celia
    20 November 2009 at 1:44 pm

    I was originally going to say, when I heard about this one, that the most likely plot would be that the two of them would be terribly immature together until Andy Hamilton realises that his friendship with children, and subsequent behaviour, is getting him 0% hot sex. Another possibility might have been that Bart realises the consequences of doing dumb things when his new adult friend is found vandalising stuff (one way signs, for example) and arrested and convicted as an adult.

    But now I know that Andy is going to be getting a job “for the ultimate clown”, I’m not so sure what I think will happen, beyond some Krusty-being-cynical-and-bitter stuff we will probably have seen before. Maybe, instead of it dawning on Andy that he’ll be a virgin forever if he keeps on like that, Krusty will just give him withering looks when he does something childish. Then Andy, feeling shamed, will grow more adult, leaving Bart to go back to throwing things off bridges with Nelson and Milhouse, or whatever. Yeah, this one seems fairly easy to predict – though I’m probably the precise opposite of a clairvoyant. But I’ll watch it anyway, because I need a show to complain about, apparently.

  2. 2 Lovejoy fan
    20 November 2009 at 4:47 pm

    I’m not entirely sure who Jonah Hill is, either.
    Oh, and they’re showing “Homer the whopper” again? I swear that’s my least favourite episode now. It’s just so bad…

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