Synergy Half-Asses It (and Tacitly Admits Zombie Simpsons Sucks)

Not content this week to slurp at the company slop bucket merely by pretending to review Zombie Simpsons, IGN has run a series of quotes from Moe.  There are eight quotes in total, of which only one is from Zombie Simpsons (it’s from Season 18).  Of the seven that are not in Zombie Simpsons (although there’s one from Season 11’s “Pygmoelion” which is right on the line) only three of them are correctly quoted.  The others are either missing important words or outright mangled.  A cursory check of SNPP – SNPP! – would’ve gotten the correct quote in several cases, but apparently checking the internet’s most famous and well respected repository of Simpsons quotes was too demanding.

In addition to that, one of the times when they did manage to get the quote correct they didn’t manage to pair it with images from the same episode:

IGN Phones It InEntertainingly, “Team Homer”, from which those images are taken, was one of the other quoted episodes.  Whoops.

To sum up, IGN didn’t care enough about their content to either a) properly quote Simpsons or b) match the quotes with pictures from the same episode.  On top of that, six of the eight quotes they ran are from Season 7 or earlier and only one is from the true bowels of Zombie Simpsons.  (Not that everyone at FOX always remembers to pretend that Zombie Simpsons is good.)  Keep in mind that this is a website (albeit with a different author) that praises new episodes as being right up there with the classics with some regularity.


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