Reading Digest: The People Have Spoken! Edition

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“Now I’m just an ordinary blue collar slob, but I know what I likes on teevee!” – Homer Simpson

We have two links this week to long, long lists of ordinary people quoting Simpsons.  One was prompted, the other just broke out in a message board.  Both of them are heavy on ye olde Simpsons quotes with hardly a mention of Zombie Simpsons.  We’ve also got hilarious write-in candidates, Homer’s prayer of thanks, an undergraduate introduction to Simpsons, and lots of excellent usage. 


Write-ins go beyond none of the above – A list of humorous write in votes in the recent election in New Jersey.  Our favorite mayor got one (1).

Ned Flanders, I mock your value system. You Also Appear Foolish In The Eyes of Others – This is just a discussion thread at RottenTomatoes that’s nothing but ye olde Simpsons quotes. 

20 Classic TV Shows: The Season We Pick As Each Show’s Peak – This list is on Entertainment Weekly’s website.  Like most magazines groping blindly in the brave new world of the internet they’re so ravenously desperate for pageviews that you have to click to a new page for each separate entry in a list of twenty.  Needless to say I didn’t bother doing that.  They picked Season 4 from The Simpsons.  (via Twitter)

Edward Fitzpatrick: Giving thanks on more than one day a year – This is a column about the positive effects of being grateful for things.  It makes some cromulent use of Simpsons before falling into the 14% fallacy.  Forfty

Less like The Waltons and more like The Simpsons – This is for a class at James Madison University and is basically a discussion of political humor on the Simpsons for people who’ve never watched the show.

Guess Which Firm ‘Simpsons Superfan’ Andrew Blumberg Is Going To? – Some law student won a baking contest with a Bart cake.  I haven’t linked it before because without the cake it is nothing.  But finally, we have art. 

Scientologist Bart Simpson Lady Would Like to Sell You Her Sons Bed [Nancy Cartwright] – Nancy Cartwright’s son’s bedroom furniture is for sale. 

Bart Simpson clock widget from Widgipedia – It’s like regular crappy Simpsons merchandise, only now it’s in widget form.  There’s a Homer one too.

Holidays for everyone – This is about having the freedom to celebrate religious holidays without being religious.  Here’s the quote:

And we are even free to recite Bart Simpson’s Thanksgiving prayer, "Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing."

On the one hand, he gets the quote right.  On the other hand he misidentifies the episode, it’s not Thanksgiving when Bart says that, but rather when Burns comes over for his gubernatorial campaign publicity stunt.  I don’t think I can call that outright excellent usage, but it is very good usage.

Homer Simpson’s Thanksgiving Prayer – Exactly what it says it is and properly quoted.  This is excellent usage. 

Ode to a "Homer Simpson Donut": – It’s a poem about a Homer donut. 

New Heights for Young Love – Two people in Sydney, Australia got it on in a clock tower in full view of crowds below.  That made one blogger think of Wiggum’s famous dictum, “If it feels good, do it.” Excellent usage. 

Thanksgiving Makes For Some Great TV – This is a list of seven great Thanksgiving themed television episodes.  Of the seven the only ones I’ve even seen are “Bart vs. Thanksgiving” (#6) and South Park’s “Helen Keller! The Musical” (#1).

Favourite Under-Quoted Simpsons Quote? – Needless to say most of the quotes listed are from the before time, the long long ago. 

Grandma Simpson – One is never too old to begin appreciating The Simpsons

Wilton Baking Pan: Bart Simpson (1990, 2105-9002) – Krusty Brand Seal of Approval Alert: Just in time for the holiday baking season it’s a Bart Simpson shaped cake pan.

Life Imitates the Simpsons… again. – This “Christian Side Hug” thing is beyond parody (especially sampling the Darth Vader theme from “Star Wars”).  Also, excellent usage. 

Homemade Marge Simpson Costume – One more homemade Marge Simpsons costume?  Why not.

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