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As Dave noted last weekend, the Burns for Mayor campaign was a smashing success in that, had only write-in ballots been counted, Charles Montgomery Burns would’ve won the New York City mayoral election in a landslide.  The publication of the write-in totals has lead some normally staid political sites to take notice.  This one, ballot-access.org, which advocates for easier minor party representation on ballots, wrote it up as follows:

The results show that the person who got the most write-ins for Mayor is Charles Montgomery Burns, the fictional character in the Homer Simpson series. He is Simpson’s boss.

This was written by a guy named Richard Winger (b. 1943).  I’m noting it here because I’ve never heard the show referred to as “the Homer Simpson series”.  It’s just downright endearing to see it described in such a well meaning yet anachronistic way.


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