Simpsons Writer Buys Cool Simpsons Artwork

Joseph Cavalieri, he of stained glass Simpsons fame, sold one of his works to long time Simpsons and Zombie Simpsons writer John Frink.  We got a press release:

After seeing Joseph’s work online, John and his wife were particularly interested in purchasing “Il Momento Della Morte” (The Moment of Death). Mr. Frink lives in LA, and was visiting New York during the holidays, so a studio visit was arranged. Immediately after his airplane landed at JFK, Frink, along with his wife and three children, rented a van and stopped by Cavalieri’s studio in the east village of Manhattan. Here he viewed all seven of the Missing Episode panels, and decided on this one. He will bring it to LA, first to display in his office then move to his home.

Bravo Mr. Frink.  By the way, “Il Momento Della Morte” is this one:

Cavalieri Bart & Lisa

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