Who’s This Guy? (Updated: Nailed It)

Unknown Simpsons Character

Recognize the guy at left?  He appears in the the Simpsons character poster and SimpsonCrazy cannot identify him (he’s just to the right of Kang).  All they know for sure is that it’s not Gunter/Ernst or Chase/Pyro/Gyro.  The poster only goes up to Season 9 so it’s not something from the depths of Zombie Simpsons.  Whoever he is, I don’t think he has any lines or I’d have remembered him by now.  Dave and Mad Jon were also unable to think of who it is.

It’s not Burns’ personal trainer from either “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish” (he’s drawn very differently) or “Lady Bouvier’s Lover” (he’s got red hair).  It’s none of the firemen from “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons”.  It’s not the blow dried weatherman from “Lisa on Ice”.  I didn’t see him at the steel mill in “Homer’s Phobia”.

Handsome DudesThe closest I can think of are Tom from “Brother from the Same Planet” and Gregory the masseuse from “Homer Alone”.  A quick Ctrl-F tells me that neither of them is on the character list already.  Tom has the same nose, but his hair is drawn curlier (though he does have that little bit hanging down in the middle).  Gregory’s hair is a little closer, but he has a different nose.  Neither is a perfect match and so both are probably incorrect, but those are the closest that come to mind.

If you zoom in on SimpsonCrazy’s badass interactive poster it looks like he’s wearing matching shorts and that his shirt may be a vest.  I’m stumped, anyone have any guesses?

Update: Commenter TSR123 suggests “Michael”, the guy who drives Nightboat: Michael the Nightboat Guy

I gotta say, I like this better than either of my guesses.  The nose is the same, he actually has eyebrows, he’s got that little lick of hair in the middle.  Better yet, he’s wearing a vest with no shirt underneath.  The obvious problem is the color, of both the vest and the hair.  But I’d agree with TSR123 that that’s the kind of thing that could get overlooked pretty easily.  Michael the Nightboat guy is also NOT listed as one of the other characters.  I wouldn’t go so far as to declare this completely over, but it’s pretty compelling.

1 Jan 2010 Update: I received an e-mail from Simpson Crazy and we have a winner.  Apparently colors got changed for a lot of characters.  Well done TSR123, you’ve been credited on the poster page (right above the character list).

2 Responses to “Who’s This Guy? (Updated: Nailed It)”

  1. 1 TSR123
    30 December 2009 at 2:49 pm

    I think that guy is Michael, the captain of “Night Boat,” a TV show that OFF was watching in “And Maggie Makes Three” is season six. It’s drawn like him but the colors are off. On the show he has brown hair and here it’s blonde. My guess is that it’s intended to be the Night Boat captain and the colors being off were a mistake here, like how sometimes Lenny’s hair is brown and other times it’s black, etc. Also notice that he’s wearing a vest without a shirt (a life preserver} and shorts (swim trunks).

    • 2 Charlie Sweatpants
      30 December 2009 at 6:10 pm

      Great suggestion! I just sent an e-mail to SimpsonCrazy, we’ll see what they say. You’re right about the color sometimes being off and other than that he’s a perfect match.

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