Spurlock Update: Ah, Fuck

From a review of Spurlock’s special:

If there’s a weakness in the anniversary show, it’s that Spurlock doesn’t delve too far into the issue of how challenging it is for the series to live up to the impossibly high bar it set for itself in the 1990s.

Creator Matt Groening chuckles at one point about how fans are so invested in the show, they have no reservations about being intensely critical right to his face. That sets up a tremendous quote by Simpsons writer Matt Warburton, who says dryly, "I think the Internet message boards used to be a lot funnier 10 years ago -I’ve sort of stopped reading their new posts."

The Simpsons isn’t as funny as it used to be, everybody knows it, and it would have been nice had Spurlock inched a tad closer to that reality.

I’m still holding out hope for Spurlock’s bearded buddy, but not too much. 

By the way, I wasn’t familiar with the name Warburton, so I looked it up.  His first listed credit is from Season 13.  He may be a perfectly nice guy, I have no idea, but he had as much to do with making the show great as I did.  All he’s done is help crank out formulaic dreck so you’ll excuse me if I tell him to go fuck himself.  People saying mean things on the internet is no excuse for being terrible at your job. 

4 Responses to “Spurlock Update: Ah, Fuck”

  1. 7 January 2010 at 10:40 am

    To be quite honest you probably had more to do with making the show great than he did (pre-Season 13). At the least you were a big fan, and a big enough fan to not ruin the funniest show of all time.

  2. 2 Celia
    8 January 2010 at 9:18 am

    To be honest, I would be sad if someone said unkind things about my work. But (a)this is one of many reasons why I’m not in the entertainment industry, where a thick skin is vital and (b)no comment on the internet can ever be awful enough that the world deserves the likes of The Devil Wears Nada as punishment. Or whatever equally foul episode he crapped out, if not that one. I could look it up, but nah.

  3. 11 January 2010 at 1:53 am

    Matt Warburton, as far as I can see, had nothing to do with writing “The Devil Wears Nadaa,” but his name is attached to some particularly awful Zombie Simpsons episodes, including “Three Gays of the Condo” (Homer has another break-up with Marge and moves in with a gay couple), “Co-Dependent’s Day” (lame “Star Wars” parody as a pretext for a plot involving Homer framing Marge for DUI), “Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em…” (Marge becomes a successful carpenter but Homer takes the credit), and “Moe’N’a Lisa” (Lisa encourages Moe to write poetry). Vile episodes all. So yeah, I second Charlie’s suggestion that Warburton go fuck himself.

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