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“Lisa that wasn’t scary, not even for a poem.” – Bart Simpson

My favorite tag to use on this site is the “Fan Made” one.  I love nothing more than seeing the different ways talented people use Simpsons to create cool stuff.  Sometimes it’s just some little drawing somebody did on their computer, sometimes it’s epically awesome.  Today we have a painting (or should I say paintings) that are way on the “epically awesome” side of the scale.  Behold the real life Marge as Lenore painting:

Marge as Lenore (James Hance)The Dead Homer Society accepts no liability if your monitor just exploded from “triumph overload”.

It’s a little hard to tell from the above image but you can seen plain as day from this “in progress” picture that yes, it is indeed in two parts.  Fan-fugu-tastic. 

This was done but a guy named James Hance.  He’s got a ton of other great stuff at his website running the pop culture gamut from painting a TIE fighter into a Hitchcock movie to having Jimi Hendrix play Guitar Hero.  In response to an e-mail query he wrote this about “Lenore”:

‘Lenore’ was something I’d been wanting to paint for a long while. The first ‘Treehouse…’ episode is my favorite. Nestled in the ridiculously funny lines there’s a certain strange sadness in the ‘Raven’ segment which stuck with me.

The Poe segment of “Treehouse of Horror I” is a testament to just how creative and innovative the show was.  To take a poem that desolate and turn it into something funny while doing little more than quoting the text (while at the same time having Bart point out that poems like this are dull to modern kids) was a hell of a thing.

If you happen to be in or around Jacksonville, Florida in the middle of next month Hance and another artist are putting on a “Childhood & Nostalgia” show where this will be displayed.  Also in the show will be high school yearbook photos of Chewbacca, Predator and others.  Sweet.  Hance has promised to send us the details when they become available, so we’ll have those in the future. 


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