The Zombies Have Spoken: The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

“Be they Christian, Jew, or miscellaneous.” – Rev. Lovejoy
“Hindu.  There are seven hundred million of us.” – Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
“Aw, that’s super.” – Rev. Lovejoy

It was pointed out to me today that there are some extra poignant comments on Simpsons Channel’s preview for tonight’s Zombie Simpsons episode. I would normally wait until after an episode has aired to poke fun, but I’m bored and I feel like being mean. So here goes:

“you are so stupid Jesus was spend most of his time in the holy land thtats why is called that damm ass” – Borusmat

Wait, are you calling Jesus stupid? Or are you saying that Jerusalem wasn’t holy before Jesus was born? ‘Cause Jesus was called you a stupid damm ass for saying that…

 “yea that’s what jesus would have wanted people calling people damm ass’s, you know not everyone on this planet is muslim, jew or christian.respect jesus by not swearing. and rome is the holy land for Catholics!!” – Tyrone McBlacklebee

Thanks for that tidbit. I’ll make sure to remind the Pope about Rome next time I’m in the Vatican. Also, usually when I inform people that not everyone is Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, I don’t follow up by telling them to give it up to Jesus. But that’s just me.

 “There are still a small amount of Christians in Israel and the Palestinian territories. About 2% of the Citizens of Israel, an uncertain percentage of Palestinians (1 – 8% ?), and an additional number of temporary guest workers (perhaps equivalent to 1 – 3% of Israel’s Population). Not to mention tourists and students who constantly come and go. So it is in no way inaccurate to show all three religious groups in the Jerusalem, although there are also Bahi, Druze, and Bedouin, although that might make it too complex for a cartoon!” – Daniel

Definitely not inaccurate. There is perhaps an equivalent of 1-8% room for error, and that doesn’t even include an additional unknown number of opinions from people who don’t puke up meaningless stats about religion on a thread about a shell of a cartoon. FYI at least 5-90% of Bedouins are Sunni Islam.

So there you have it. The only thing I hate more than a Zombie Simpsons fan is a Zombie Simpsons fan feigning knowledge of world religions, and using poor grammar to do so. Also, I’m putting the over/under on how many jokes are recycled from “Homer the Heretic” at 3.5.


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