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“How can you even think of releasing Side Show Bob?!?” – Marge Simpson

“He’s Just faking it to get out of jail! He’s a maniac!” – Bart Simpson

“Bob is no maniac. He explained his reasons for trying to kill us all, and I assure you they were perfectly sane.” – Mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby

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  1. 16 April 2010 at 11:48 pm

    I caught about a minute of a Zombie Simpsons episode yesterday – it was the one in which Lurleen Lumpkin returned and lived with the Simpons – anyway, I noticed that Mayor Quimby’s voice was noticeably deeper than it was back when The Simpsons was good. Maybe Dan Castellaneta’s getting too old to hit the high notes like he used to – or maybe he just doesn’t bother. Considering how the show keeps going on no matter how substandard it is, what difference does putting in the extra effort make?

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