Reading Digest: Vicarious Popularity Edition

Bart of Darkness2

“They’re only using you for your pool, you know.” – Lisa’s Brain
“Shutup brain!  I got friends now, I don’t need you anymore.” – Lisa Simpson

The signal to noise ratio for on-line Simpsons stuff plummeted again this week on account of the music video commercial replacing the usual opening.  Yawn.  I’m used to it by now, it happens whenever Zombie Simpsons makes another desperate play for relevance.  It happened with Marge in Playboy; it happened with the Israel episode; it happened with the 20th anniversary.  It’s going to happen again in a couple of weeks when the American Idol people show up. 

What I’ve noticed is that all the attention is never about something that’s actually on the show.  There’s never any buzz because of a joke, or some satire, or something like that.  It’s always just people wetting themselves because Zombie Simpsons mentioned X or Y or Z.  Kesha (popular singer) + Simpsons (known brand) = internet attention.  That the show be funny isn’t at all required (nor is it likely), all that’s needed is for the show to reference or mention something else that’s popular or well known. 

When you consider that the real money from the show comes from slapping the characters on crappy merchandise, it kinda makes sense.  They’re just merchandising the show itself now.  Speaking of which, this week we’ve got a new licensing deal, some excellent usage, a couple of YouTube videos, and only one link that mention’s last week’s merchandised opening. 


Buygone Product of the Week: Dimple Machine. – “Okay everyone, we need big smiles out there, so line up for dimpling!  Now, this may hurt a lot.  What am I saying ‘may’?” – Lil’ Vicki

Rise Of The Apes Gets Release Date – There’s going to be another Planet of the Apes movie, and the news piece comes with excellent usage:

“From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee! No you’ll never make a monkey out of me!” So went the song in the non-existent Planet Of The Apes musical as imagined in The Simpsons. But yes, Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes re-hash made a monkey out of everybody by virtue of it being utterly shite.

Mission: Incredible – Simpsons alum Brad Bird is going to direct the oxymoronic fourth Mission:Impossible movie.  The second one was so boring that I’ve still never seen the third one, even though a couple of people have told me it’s not terrible. 

The Simpsons Tattoos. – More cool Simpsons tattoos, including a zombie Homer on somebody’s foot.

Groening’s Sons Helped With Festival Line-Up – That music festival in England Groening is “curating” (whatever that means) is this weekend.  Wow, a music festival and a hung Parliament, interesting times in Britain. 

Fiction Writing Chapter Two: Character name crisis! – It sucks when the name of your villain so closely matches the world’s foremost fictional monorail salesman. 

Blurst of times – Speaking of writing fiction:

The Internet Has Spoken – This is the only Kesha link I’m putting up, and though I don’t entirely agree with the sentiments here, this is pretty nice to see:

But it looks like today is the day that the Internet has passed it’s judgement on the Simpsons and declared it done. It’s hard to imagine why such an irreverent would choose to use Ke$ha for it’s infamous intro. I mean, I’ve made my love of Ke$ha no secret, but I probably should.

Inter-nerds were in a fury today, but by far the best article title is from over at Warming Glow, ‘The Simpsons: 1989-2010′. It makes me shed a tear, but I have to agree. RIP, old friend.

Matthew 5:14 (step 12) – I always liked the Sermon on the Mount, though the science nerd (to say nothing of the Simpsons fan) in me must protest this:

That’s because the sun makes light.  By its nature, the sun gives light to all around it.  It is the ‘light of the world’.  It is impossible to stop.  You can cover your eyes, put up an umbrella, wear sunglasses and a visor.  You even can do what Montgomery Burns does in the famous The Simpsons episode when he puts up a giant sun blocker so that the whole city uses more electricity.  Yet the sun continues to do what it does best.  It keeps chugging out light.

The Sun actually makes helium.  The energy it emits, some of which we perceive in the visible spectrum as light, is a byproduct of nuclear fusion. 

Fox adds Easepal as Simpsons partner – The show may be creatively dead, and the ratings lower than ever, but the money just keeps on rolling in. 

Autoportrete – I’m trusting Google Translate on this one, but I think these are self portraits done in Simpsons and South Park style. 

things that The Simpsons predicted (mother’s day edition) – Free food giveaways are dangerous, and this is hilarious. 

Ten Epic Songs of Epicness – This list strikes me as a little Pink Floyd heavy, but it’s pretty solid.  I’m linking it here because number nine is that famous hymn by I. Ron Butterfly and it comes with YouTube:

Also, this is way better than the seventeen thousand people who put up the Kesha video this week.

Things I miss from the 90′s. – And finally, I get to end the way I like to, with someone who agrees with us:

Funny Simpsons episodes.  It actually makes me angry to watch this show now.


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  1. 7 May 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks for the bump!!

  2. 3 D.N.
    7 May 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Things you don’t notice until a scene is paused: what the hell are Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph doing in the pool there??

  3. 8 May 2010 at 6:32 am

    you should try it too. The self portrets in The Simpsons style are great!

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