Crazy Noises: The Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family2

“Try the Sleep-Eazy Motel, I woke up there once, seemed nice.” – Selma Bouvier
“Why can’t we stay here?” – Marge Simpson
“Uh, we have a gentleman caller.” – Selma Bouvier
“Hey, this TV’s not broken, it’s just unplugged.” – Unsuspecting Gentleman Caller

There’s no new Zombie Simpsons until September at the earliest (October? fingers crossed!), so we’re going to spend the summer overthinking Season 9.  Why Season 9?  Because we did Season 8 last summer, and Season 9 was when the show started becoming more Zombie than Simpsons.  Since we’re too lazy to do audio and too ugly to do video, we’ve booked a “chatroom” (ours is right between the one with the sexy seventh graders and the one with the bored federal agents pretending to be sexy seventh graders).  So log on to your dial-up AOL and join us.  This text has been edited for clarity and spelling (especially on “euthanasia”).

Mad Jon: Shall we begin?

Charlie Sweatpants: Sure, football or handguns? (America, Fuck Yeah!)

Mad Jon: Handguns

Dave: Let’s do it.

Charlie Sweatpants: Sounds good, I like this episode, it’s easily middle of the road for nine in that there’s a lot of funny stuff, and the only real problem is Homer’s behavior.

Mad Jon: I feel like this episode started well, but the middle sucked, minus a few funny lines, and the ending was mediocre.

And Homer’s Behavior was definitely the catalyst

Dave: I’m with Jon.

Charlie Sweatpants: Can’t complain too much about the end, the Sl-e—azy Motel was great.

The problem with this episode is excessive Jerkass Homer. Pretty much everything else is good.

Mad Jon: The Motel was good, but the multiple homer lying things kind of killed the deal.

Dave: The continental breakfast was genius. I intend to do that to someone I hate one of these days.

Mad Jon: I liked Quimby’s scene as well.

  And the coin operated bible.

Charlie Sweatpants: That’s exactly what I’m talking about, everything but Homer works in this episode. Which is a good indicator of how topsy-turvy things are.

They’ve got a lot of good ideas, but Homer’s stupidity and jackassery are just too out of control.

Mad Jon: The NRA meetings were vey funny.

Especially Moe’s deal with the spine shooting and turning 1 gun into 5 gun.

Dave: To my point last week though, despite the funny stuff, it’s not in my regular rotation because Homer is insufferable.

Mad Jon: The waiting period montage and the related Homer angry rant is probably my least favorite part.

Charlie Sweatpants: I kinda like the waiting period.

Dave: I kinda like it too. Just kinda.

Mad Jon: Meh

Charlie Sweatpants: It’s definitely a little slow, but it isn’t half bad.

Mad Jon: It is a precursor to Homer montage scenes.

  It’s like the sniffles that precede pandemic flu.

  You can’t coddle things like this.

Dave: Well put.

Charlie Sweatpants: Fair enough. However, if the show had ended a year or two after this, like it should have, you’d hate it a lot less.

Mad Jon: Fair enough. Call me jaded, even jaded enough to devote a small amount of my time to a blog dedicated to the end of Zombie Simpsons.

Charlie Sweatpants: Boo-hoo.

Mad Jon: However, my point is valid. Homer’s montages get worse each time, and the rants go on like this for minutes sometimes.

Charlie Sweatpants: I’m not disagreeing with that part, only that it’s a little unfair to hold those against this.

Mad Jon: I will say I do like the Homer daydream sequence after he thinks about robbing the Kwik-E-Mart.

Charlie Sweatpants: You gotta to lose yourself in the moment, man.

Mad Jon: Fine.

Charlie Sweatpants: The other nice thing about this episode, and it’s true of a lot of 9, is that there are quite a few good, usable quotes.

Mad Jon: That is very true.

Dave: Can’t argue with that.

Charlie Sweatpants: The part about putting a price on your family’s lives, the “TV said that?” disbelief in Homer’s voice, Patti and Selma’s “gentlemen caller” thing, and, of course, all the soccer stuff.

  That earns this episode a lot of leeway in my mind.

Mad Jon: Oh jeez, the price on the family’s lives quote is gold.

Soccer stuff too.

Charlie Sweatpants: I’m also fond of Homer’s “we’ll argue some more” line about if Marge doesn’t believe him.

Mad Jon: I also like the multiple King of England references.

  Dangerous or delicious animals…

Charlie Sweatpants: Especially how Homer browbeats Lisa into agreeing with him.

That’s one of those great reverse-liberal jokes they do, where they implicitly agree with Lisa, but then crack on it by making fun of how impossible her ideals are.

Mad Jon: Yep, I just laughed about that.

Plenty of good material, definitely a middle of the road season 9 episode. There were a lot of parts that would be much worse if this was made a few seasons later.

Charlie Sweatpants: Agreed.

Mad Jon: And I agree with your last statement. Aren’t we a bunch of drunk agree-monkeys.

Dave: We’re precious.

Charlie Sweatpants: Well, Dave seemed to be bitching earlier. But I stand by my statement, the non-Homer stuff of this episode is great, the Homer stuff of this episode mostly sucks.

  (And that’s because it’s basically Jerkass Homer.)

His whole, “doing household tasks with the gun” thing springs to mind.

Dave: I was half bitching.

  I think you’re both more forgiving about 9’s flaws, that’s all.

  You’re willing to look past them, I tend not to.

Charlie Sweatpants: But even that’s mitigated by things like his willingness to argue with Marge only to be stopped when he looks to Bart and Lisa and they both shake their heads.

  Shit like that is funny, there just isn’t enough of it.

Mad Jon: I am willing to look past many things, but I renew my enthusiasm for hating on pre-cancerous symptoms that evolved into what we have in the latest seasons.

Charlie Sweatpants: This is why I’m in favor of euthanasia.

  If you check out when the checking out is good, then no hard feelings.

Mad Jon: Also you won’t have to have other people wipe your ass.

Charlie Sweatpants: If the show had ended a season or two after this, I’d still watch this one about the same amount (way less than the best, but I don’t wince when I put it on).

Mad Jon: Fair enough, but I probably haven’t seen this episode in years before this chat came up.

Charlie Sweatpants: For about the fourth time: fair enough. Anything else here, or should we move on?

Mad Jon: Let’s go.

5 Responses to “Crazy Noises: The Cartridge Family”

  1. 1 Jason
    17 June 2010 at 1:21 am

    Will you get to “The Principal and the Pauper” soon? After all these years I’m still not sure if that was a good episode or not.

    • 2 Mad Jon
      17 June 2010 at 11:12 am

      We have decided to hold off on that one until the end of our season 9 discussion. That would probably be around the middle/end of August. That particular episode is especially important to us in respect to Zombie Simpsons evolution, so we thought we would save it for last.

  2. 3 P. Piggly Hogswine
    17 June 2010 at 2:18 am

    I liked this episode for the majority. The “Holds it, HOLDDSS ITTTT” bit and the ensuing riot/Ex Con security bits were genius.

  3. 4 D.N.
    17 June 2010 at 6:02 am

    This episode had its problems, but I’m more than willing to let them slide ’cause there were still loads of great scenes/lines. My favourite is probably Lenny’s “Assault weapons have gotten a lot of bad press lately, but they’re manufactured for a reason: to take out today’s modern super animals, such as the flying squirrel, and the electric eel.”

    And that dodgy home security salesman deserves to be ranked alongside other great one-off Harry Shearer-voiced shady characters: Mr Black, Blackheart the Ivory Dealer, Harv Bannister of Tipsy McStagger’s, and President of Laramie Cigarettes Jack Larson (OK, Larson did appear more than once).

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