Nobody likes Zombie Simpsons

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“That’s very nice, Dad, but it’s wrong for you to reward violent competitive behavior.  However, I will sit up front with you if it’s a fatherly gesture of love.” – Lisa Simpson
“Okay, hon . . . sucker!  Competitive violence, that’s why you’re here!” – Homer Simpson

A few days ago, a poster on HFBoards, a hockey discussion site, put up a link to us.  This was on the 624th post of a thread titled “Favorite Simpsons moments – Part 2”.  Being a sucker for Simpsons discussions, I went all the way back to post #1 and started reading.  There’s plenty of funny stuff, and the occasional discussion of how the newer episodes aren’t up to snuff. 

Happily, the ongoing recitation of Simpsons moments, screen grabs, and quotes also serves as a natural demonstration of just how little people care about Zombie Simpsons.  As of this writing, the thread has 635 posts, of which only 93 even mention an episode from a double digit season.  That’s a shade under 15%, and a ratio of nearly 7:1. 

My counting was extremely generous to Zombie Simpsons too.  If someone mentioned an episode from Seasons 10+, even if they were quoting an earlier post to reply with a quote from real Simpsons, I counted it.  And the usual Zombie Simpsons caveats apply, so many of those 93 are quotes from Seasons 10 or 11, and a decent chunk come from discussing Season 21 episodes that were broadcast during the run of the thread.  In other words, almost no “Favorite Simpsons moments” came from Zombie Simpsons. 

But let’s not end on a downer.  In that thread I also found this:

Nice throw. 

3 Responses to “Nobody likes Zombie Simpsons”

  1. 1 Derp
    31 July 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Funny how the movie wasn’t aimed at people taking part in such discussions.
    Hell, even Fox don’t seem to like Zombie Simpsons. The 20th anniversary special had so few clips from the post-classic series that it was laughable. If not for the writers present who joined and transformed it into the monstrosity of today, it may as well have been a 10th anniversary special.

    • 1 August 2010 at 12:25 am

      I wouldn’t say the writers today are ‘terrible’, but for the first decade of the Simpsons’s existence, the writers used to be on the show for only 3-4 years instead of clinging to their jobs and making the show staler than two week old pizza. I used to think Al Jean (along with Mike Reiss) were awesome and now when I see Mr. Jean’s face, I just think: “man, just leave and let someone else try, at least!”, but that won’t be happening. :(

  2. 3 P. Piggly Hogswine
    31 July 2010 at 8:06 pm

    Nice link, ta. I’ll be sure to wade through it. Thought I’d throw up another site that I stumbled across & frequent regularly to obtain GIFs/pics to send to my Simpsons loving brother during the boring work weeks, http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=354669 . 100+ pages at the moment with lots of classic moments & quotes. The theme of the topic is much the same, being moments that showcase how good the show was back then, compared to now.

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