Reading Digest: The Internet Loves ‘Glee’ Edition

Homer's Barbershop Quartet4

“Hey, those girls you paid to scream are doing a great job.” – Moe
“I didn’t pay any girls to scream.” – Nigel
“Huh?!” – Moe

Earlier this week, promotional images for Zombie Simpsons take on a two year old South Park episode hit the internet.  In the aftermath, the yellow, chin-less versions of three members of the Glee cast went up on more websites than I can remember.  If you want to see them (and the guys from Flight of the Conchords, but far fewer people care about that), Simpsons Channel has you covered, but there’s no point in linking to the rest of them.  As is often the case when the signal-to-noise ratio drops, we’ve got a rather puny Reading Digest.  We do have some cupcakes that are sweeter than sweet, a cranky old fart from The Wall Street Journal, incompetent and possibly non-human radio DJs, and someone else who thinks the show needs to die. 


I bet Milhouse plays with LEGO bricks… – This appears to be a few years old, so you may have seen it before, but here’s full scale Lego models of Bart & Milhouse.  (via Springfield Springfield’s Twitter)

Lisa & Bart Simpson Cupcakes for Ten – Wow.  Just wow.  They’re almost too beautiful to eat.  Almost. 

Eleven – A clever graphic illustration of a quote from the hippie guy in “The Old Man and the Lisa”.  (Nitpicking alert: he actually says “somebody” not “someone”, but it’s not important.)  Also, Saria from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Top Ten Best Depictions of Satan – Flanders from the episode where he’s the devil is #5.  The Robot Devil from Futurama makes it to #3. 

Who Is John Ridley? You Won’t Find Out Here, This Is About My First Paycheck – What’s that, an extended Simpsons reference?  Yes it is:

One of the cool things about this job is it’s not very known about and it’s hard to get this job. It’s like the Stonecutters on the Simpsons; In order to get in you have to either be related to someone already doing it or save the life of someone already doing it. I got the job because my grandpa, who’s also a member of the communist party for some reason, had the job.

It goes on from there.  Bravo. 

Check These Out!Business Cards from Your Favorite Fictional Comics Companies – I swear I’ve seen some of these before, but I don’t recognize the Duff Brewery one at all.  The other ones are just as well done. 

Simpsons Sunday – Leah continues to bring the funny with an old school YouTube from the Simpsons first CD. 

Can’t Beat Maria: 8/30/10 – Remember last week when I linked to a terrible radio station quiz, Can’t Beat Kennedy Friday 08/27/10?  Well that was for a radio station called “Mix 104.1” in Boston and the “DJs” in question were “Karson & Kennedy”.  This link is to “Mix 96.5” in Houston and the “DJs” in question are “Maria & Brad”.  They have the exact same terrible Simpsons question, “The Simpsons just released season 13 on DVD. Name all 3 of Homer & Marge’s kids in that series”, as “Karson & Kennedy”, and their questions about Tiger Woods and John Travolta are identical as well.  Only “Maria” mixed it up by adding questions about Mariah Carey and Cameron Diaz in place of questions about Macauly Caulkin and Nip/Tuck.  And people wonder why massive radio chains come in for a ton of criticism.  I’m not even sure these are real people, couldn’t they just be subroutines of the DJ 3000? 

Somebody Save Us From All the Neon – Some guy at The Wall Street Journal is fed up with tennis outfits.  In a vain effort to prove he’s not some geriatric stick in the mud, he drops an enormous number of pop culture references, including a rather baffling one to Poochie:

Neon’s fine on tennis balls. Neon tennis clothing, however jjust feels like something that geezery adults (like us) have suddenly decided is cool and are anxious to make it happen again. It recalls Poochie, the sunglasses- wearing, skateboarding dog The Simpsons once used as an example of youth marketing gone amok. And you know what? It will probably work.

I’m not sure what that means, and the “jjust” is in the original.  Rupert Murdoch’s destruction of the standards and integrity of the Journal has moved one step closer to completion. 

MDM’s 100th Post: Battle of the Network Dads – A little trip down recent teevee memory lane.  Thankfully, Homer beats out Peter Griffin. 

My top 20 TV shows. – Simpsons checks in at  . . . #20?  How the mighty have fallen.  I blame Zombie Simpsons. 

Quote for the Day – Homer’s salute to hard work, perfectly quoted. 

Another person calling for the Simpsons to end. – And finally, Smithernet returns to let me finish the week the way I like to, with someone else who’s seen the light:

The writers know they could put out anything with a passing resemblance to the show we love and idiots (like Homer) would continue to lap it up.

That they do.  Read the whole thing, it comes with YouTube and references to soccer I had to look up on Wikipedia. 

3 Responses to “Reading Digest: The Internet Loves ‘Glee’ Edition”

  1. 1 Shane
    3 September 2010 at 10:13 pm

    I think all episodes with guests like the Glee people should at least be promoted as boasting ‘Today’s Hottest Stars (We’re Still Relevant!)’. Beneath the wanking on about how it shows ohw hip and contemporary the show is because otherwise these folks wouldn’t appear, there’s always a feel of subtle desperation to them.

  2. 3 P. Piggly Hogswine
    4 September 2010 at 1:31 am

    I like the Satan list, but was a little disapointed that Dave Grohl’s depiction from the Tenacious D song (Tribute) didn’t make the cut. It still has me in stitches when I see the clip.

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