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Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror IV7

“Bart, what’s wrong?” – Lisa Simpson
“I just had a vision of my own horrible fiery death.” – Bart Simpson
“And?” – Lisa Simpson


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror IX1

“Oh, you look lovely this evening.  Have you decreased in mass?” – Kang


Reading Digest: “The Raven” Edition

Treehouse of Horror I3

“Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!” – Homer Simpson

This week we’ve got four different links mentioning the final segment of “Treehouse of Horror”.  Some people are mentioning it as part of television history, other’s are using it for lesser purposes like educating children.  In addition to that we’ve got some non-IGN synergy, lots of Halloween related YouTube, and a couple of cool Simpsons Halloween costumes. 


Come along, Bort! – This is Smooth Charlie’s Click of the Week.  It’s a fine job, both by Universal Studios for wasting precious retail space, and to whoever took this picture. 

Apple Newton – Fifteen years later and the Apple Newton lives through mockery. 

Simpsons get the vinyl treatment (again) – IGN may be out of the fake review business, but there’s plenty of other News Corp. properties out there.  Here’s The New York Post pimping Simpsons collectables. 

David Mirkin to adapt Richard Branson’s memoir – The headline tells you pretty much everything that’s in the article.  Richard Branson’s getting a biopic. 

I Work From Home … and I Homeschool – You can learn everything you need to know from The Simpsons:

There have been many pluses to teaching Christopher at home. Along with studying the actual literature, we watched The Simpsons version of The Ravenand the BBC production of Austen’s Emma AND IT TOTALLY COUNTED AS CURRICULUM. Which is more full of WIN than I can adequately express.

Where else can you see Darth Vader reciting one of the most famous poems in the English language?

Spooking, slaying and egging: 10 classic Halloween TV episodes – There’s that poem again, this time at the top of a long list which goes all the way back to Bewitched

J-M students feast on Poe’s ‘The Raven’ – Ninth graders and fourth graders coming together to learn about Poe with The Simpsons.

Quote the Raven, NEVERMORE! – Several YouTube versions of Poe’s most famous poem, including the one from “Treehouse of Horror” and a slightly overproduced version read by Christopher Walken. 

Plus jamais sans mon donuts ! – Even in other languages people can’t talk about donuts without at least mentioning Homer Simpson. 

Cartoonism – Positing some cartoon-religion pairs that make a lot more sense than the Simpsons being Catholic.

The Making of The Simpsons… Halloween Costumes – How to make excellent Homer and Marge costumes.  Sadly, none of the pictures show the completed work, so we’ll have to check back after Halloween. 

Do the Bartman! – Australian street art of Bart fending off a giant Snowball II.

Battle of the (Fake) Bands: The 10 Best TV/Movie Musicians – Bands from movies and teevee, lots of good YouTube here, including shaky-cam Be Sharps. 

The Shinning – Speaking of shaky-cam YouTube, anyone want to watch The Shinning?

Song Of The Day: 10/26/2010 – There’s still more YouTube here, in this case it’s the Stonecutters song.

Help Vampire Mob Reach Their Goal For Season 2 – Marcia Wallace’s side project needs some money.

The Simpsons Theme Played on Toys – This has a million and a half views despite being barely a week old, and it totally deserves them:

Fox Ratings Reign Endangered by 17% Drop in Audience – Someone else noticed that the ratings for Zombie Simpsons suck.  Maybe they should cancel it. 

The Simpsons Costume – Cool Simpsons costumes, Marge, Lisa and Flanders (via). 

Best talk ever – A short recap of the appearance Mike Reiss made in Minnesota last week. 

‘Mo’vember is incoming; the greatest TV moustaches ever! – A list of great moustaches, with lots of pictures, including one of a rather distressed looking Flanders. 

Happy Treehouse of Horror Day – I’m not just mentioning this because it links to us.  It’s a general paean to the Halloween specials that comes with a question at the end:

Finally, what’s your favourite Treehouse of Horror segment? I think “Dial ‘Z’ for Zombies” (from season 4) is usually my favourite — though in my opinion it’s the standout in an otherwise weakish special, where you can sort of tell that the other two segments came out poorly and were saved by endless redubbing and re-cutting. A close runner-up is “Time and Punishment” (season 6), which has led me to expect Mr. Peabody to tell Sherman “Quiet, you!” whenever I see a Rocky and Bullwinkle rerun.

This leads to people discussing their favorite segments in the comments and, wouldn’t you know it, Zombie Simpsons comes up only once.  And even that person just says that that the Halloween parts haven’t gone south (implying that the rest has), and then mentions a Season 14 bit before talking about two segments from the good old days. 


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror V4

“I’ve gone back to the time when dinosaurs weren’t just confined to zoos!” – Homer Simpson

Happy birthday Dan Castellaneta! 


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror VIII4

“Goody Simpson is entitled to due process.” – Quimby
“Okay, here’s how the process works: you sit on the broom and we shove you off the cliff.” – Wiggum
“What?” – Goody Simpson
“Well, hear me out.  If you’re innocent you will fall to an honorable Christian death.  If, however, you are the bride of satan, you will surely fly your broom to safety.  At that point you will report back here for torture and beheading.” – Wiggum


“Half-Decent Proposal” Makes Baby Jesus Cry

The Front6

“Oh my god, it’s my old boyfriend, Artie Ziff.” – Marge Simpson
“Hello Marge, have you heard? I’m stinking rich. Jealous?” – Artie Ziff
“I’ll bet you’d trade it all for one night with my wife.” – Homer Simpson
“I would.” – Artie Ziff
“Homer!” – Marge Simpson

The crazy Act 3 plot swerve was one of the things that finally convinced me to give up on the show ever being good again. Once you get into the double digit seasons, crazier and crazier things began happening at the end of episodes. What had been a bizarre, albeit short and at least slightly self-referential, party ending in Season 8 became fighting rhinos and capturing the Loch Ness Monster in Season 10. By Season 12, the episodes are ending on remote island prisons or with naval ships attacking New York.

Here in Season 13 things got even more untethered. There’s the one that ends with Homer as an international smuggler, the one that turns into a Christmas episode with no warning, and the one that ends with Homer and Smithers using the corpse of Mr. Burns as a marionette. Other than being utterly bizarre, the one thing those endings have in common is that they all came straight out of left field and had little to no connection to what was going on in the episode before they happened.

“Half-Decent Proposal” does much the same. Just when you think it’s a tale about Marge risking a weekend with her old boyfriend, and with only about three minutes to go, Homer runs away to work on an oil derrick which promptly catches fire, prompting him (and Lenny, who’s also there for some reason) to need to be rescued by helicopter. As an audience member, you’re left scratching your head because it’s jarring as hell and the show never used to do that.

Nine people on this one, including Castellaneta, James Lipton, and lone female Lauren MacMullan, who directed this one.

1:20 – The concept of Marge going off with Artie originated with James L. Brooks.

2:00 – The snoring thing came about because one of the writers was keeping his girlfriend up with his snoring.

2:20 – MacMullan is in another room, and hasn’t seen this in forever, but seems to recall that this one ran very long. Apparently we were spared a section in Las Vegas.

3:30 – More banter with MacMullan. She drew one of the act storyboards for this one.

4:40 – MacMullan recalls that Jean wanted a lot of close ups during the Sex and the City bit. Jean then wins the unintentional irony award by saying, “The way the show was, you’d just try to milk the laugh ridiculously.” Pot, this is kettle; kettle, I’d like you to meet pot.

5:05 – General laughter at their own laziness, their word, at calling their HBO parody BHO.

5:40 – A guy Selman went to college with liked this episode. Now you know.

6:30 – Long bit from MacMullan about how many unusual shots there are in this episode (Marge’s flashback and panning over all the computer wires).

7:15 – Castellaneta isn’t sure if he’s mentioned this before, but Artie Ziff was the only character he ever designed. He was doodling on his script, and drew a guy from high school, and David Silverman was there while they were recording and liked it.

8:00 – When Castellaneta finishes, someone jokes about that being “actual useful information” on a DVD commentary. That was nice.

8:05 – Jean, trying to keep the useful information coming, says that “Sam”, presumably Sam Simon, named Ziff. But Jean wasn’t sure if it was someone he knew or if he just liked it because the initials were AZ.

8:45 – According to Jean, in real life people think Lovitz is short and bald, but in fact he’s neither.

9:30 – Jean makes a decent point that there’s nothing wrong with them parodying a movie that, at the time, was already eight years old.

10:30 – Movie trivia tip, MacMullan directed many of the Alaska scenes, including the Disney style foreplay scene, for which they brought in some old Disney animators.

11:00 – That leads to a discussion of how animators always seem to live a long time.

12:05 – Jean: “I always like in this, and in the movie, that they don’t realize the consequences ’til right after they make the deal.” That certainly helps explain why storytelling isn’t much of concern any more.

13:30 – Things have kinda slowed down now that we’re at the fake prom. There’s some chuckling.

14:40 – Still not much going on. Someone’s making note of how odd it is when Marge wears lipstick on account of none of the characters really have lips. Also, the characters are wearing clothes.

15:25 – Artie Ziff is break dancing and everyone is still wearing 70s clothes.

16:00 – At one point, Homer was going to fly to Silicon Valley in the wheel well of a jet because someone had done that on the news.

16:30 – The writers really love Baron von Kissalot.

16:50 – Ah, now that we’ve reached the latest bizarre turn, it’s time to start asking MacMullan random questions about Pixar (where she works).

17:20 – Someone’s jokingly ragging on Up for not making sense.

17:55 – Well, at least someone mentioned that this is the episode that turned Lenny and Carl into . . . whatever the hell it is they are now. Jean notes that this made “the internet” angry. I’m going to go with “confused”, but that’s just me.

18:30 – Laughing about an explosion that didn’t make it into the final episode.

19:20 – Chuckling at the idea of “friends with privileges”.

19:40 – A mixture of stunned silence and nervous laughter as ants catch fire. There was a debate about whether or not the ants could talk.

20:30 – They’re still talking about talking ants. On screen there’s the world’s slowest helicopter rescue and some kind of emotional closure, and wow, I had forgotten what a giant mess this one is.

20:55 – “That’s where we lost the internet’s sympathy.” No, it was a while ago.

21:30 – Lipton (I think), apropos of nothing, asks the assembled company how many episodes are about Marge’s “nether regions”. That was . . . odd.

21:55 – Lipton (again, I think): “Do you think Marge is sexy? I do.” Again, kinda odd.

22:05 – Every thanks Lipton and MacMullan and we can get out of here.


Quote of the Day

The Jury of the Damned

Images of Arnold, Borden, Nixon, Booth, Blackbeard, and Dillinger taken from Wikimedia Commons.  1976 Philadelphia Flyers taken from

“I give you the jury of the damned: Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden, Richard Nixon.” – The Devil
“But I’m not dead yet!  In fact, I just wrote an article for Redbook.” – Richard Nixon
“Hey listen, I did a favor for you.” – The Devil
“Yes, master.” – Richard Nixon
“John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard the pirate, John Dillinger, and the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers!” – The Devil


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