Synergy Wants Its Job Back

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“Ah, and my dear, dear Smithers, you’re no longer needed at all.  You’re fired.  Ta.” – C.M. Burns

We’re now two episodes into Season 22, and there has been nary a synergistic peep from FOX owned subsidiary IGN.  Last year, they “reviewed” the premier before it was even broadcast and had one of their puff pieces up each Monday after a new Zombie Simpsons aired.  This year, all they’ve got is the generic description text that FOX puts out, and the episode pages for both new ones do not have a link to a review. 

This means that the “Synergy” category is getting retired around here.  At least until I find another wholly owned FOX subsidiary offering theoretically independent but obviously sycophantic commentary on Zombie Simpsons.  Then I might bring it back. 

For the record, my mockery had nothing to do with this little cancellation.  I would’ve been shocked if it did, but IGN was also “reviewing” Family Guy last year, and those appear to have stopped as well.  I was going to check on some other shows but they were sending me to click through advertising pages with such frequency that navigating the site was just shy of impossible.  They didn’t use to do that.  So I’d guess this is general belt tightening over there, which is good because I’d hate to have cost some freelancer part of his ramen noodle budget. 

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  1. 6 October 2010 at 3:48 am

    Oh, that’s a shame! Your corrections of those synergies were genius

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