Reading Digest: Favre Instead of Banksy Edition

A Star is Burns5

“And the Oscar goes to . . .” – Rainier Wolfcastle
“I’ve got to win this one, I bribed everyone in Hollywood.” – C.M. Burns
“. . . George C. Scott in ‘Man Getting Hit by Football’.” – Rainier Wolfcastle

As you can tell, we’ve been running behind this week.  It was one of those weeks where lots of little things seem to be conspiring against you, but it’s over now.  On the plus side, there is no new Zombie Simpsons for three weeks!  Woo-hoo! 

The Banksy opening was all over the internet, and having said my piece about that already I’ve all but ignored it here.  In place of that, we have two links to Brett Favre things.  We also got two excellent links from readers, some YouTube, lots of love for Treehouse of Horror, and a Simpsons crossword. 


I Fought the Lawyers and the Lawyers won – This is Smooth Charlie’s Click of the Week, a drawing of Brett Favre as Grampa Simpson that was going to be used for a cartoon before ESPN pulled the plug.  It sounds like it would’ve been funny.   

Author of the Month – Edgar A. Poe – Audio YouTube of “The Raven” from the first Treehouse of Horror. 

"Best. Episode. Ever!" Toonzone Talks "The Simpsons" – Reader Eric, who sent in the link for the Banksy post, also sent in this excellent list of people’s favorite Simpsons episodes.  It will not shock you to see that everything is from Season 7 or earlier.  Things get even funnier in the comments thread.  One of the staff writes:

There’s a definite preference for the first seven seasons here (22 Short Films About Springfield is the latest episode, and four are from Season 6 alone). That shouldn’t be interpreted as a knock on later seasons, however.

That comment is then completely ignored as people keep talking about their favorite episodes and nothing past Season 9 comes up.  Thanks Eric!

Treehouses Of Horror – Some love for the Treehouse of Horror specials, including this lovely bit at the end:

It’s hard for anything to break into my long-established Halloween special canon of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, and Disney’s Halloween Treat, those specials that I watch every Halloween, that help me savor this season and that have in fact become a part of this season. But the Treehouses of Horror have done it, at least the first 8 (Treehouse of Horror I-VIII) have anyway. And I’m so glad they did.

Yeah, they’re not so good anymore, but that doesn’t make the old ones any less great. 

Squirrel nests in Homer Simpson slippers – It looks quite content in there. 

Favre does his best Hans Moleman – Every once and a while, life gives you a little moment:

Dental Plan Lisa Needs Therapy – Reader Mike sends in this YouTube video he made for a homework assignment:

The 20/20 return at the end really makes it.  Thanks Mike! 

Itemized: African Apparel – Neat t-shirt where Homer has marijuana plants for hands.  What were you guys smoking?  We were eating rotisserie chicken.  Also, there’s an author signature for one “Matt Stoning”. 

The Most Powerful Bald Men in America – GQ put out a list of 100 bald men.  Homer was on it at #31, though it doesn’t seem to be in any kind of order. 

A perfect world? – YouTube of Homer in the Land of Chocolate from “So It’s Come to This” along with musings on food and chocolate in culture. 

30 Day Challenge: Day 3 – a picture of you and your friends – I love that I live in a world where a man can wear a Homer Simpson tie to his daughter’s wedding. 

Recent Obsessions: Nicki Minaj, ‘The Simpsons’ – I really wanted to be done with last week’s opening, but this is too stupid to pass up:

Complaining that “The Simpsons” has lost its edge has been a common pastime of fans at least since Season 7, but can you imagine any other show nibbling the hand that feeds it like that?

I don’t need to imagine it, because it happens all the fucking time.  Seinfeld had an entire meta-season story arc that made fun of NBC, pretty much every animated show on FOX has done it at one time or another, South Park has openly gone to war against Comedy Central twice, and 30 Rock is a show that is predicated on making fun of its corporate owner.  The days when David Letterman got in semi-serious trouble for sending a camera crew to GE headquarters are long gone. 

The Shining…In 10 Words – I wasn’t sure where this one was going, but the caption on frozen Jack Nicholson is great.  If only Tyne Daly and Hal Linden had gotten to him in time! 

Tuesday Test: The Simpsons – A Simpsons crossword.  A few of the clues are Zombie-ish, but it looks mostly clean. 

Rerun: Halloween Countdown – Reminiscing about Halloween favorites, including you know what:

I come from a Simpsons lovin’ family, and quite frankly I can’t imagine what my childhood would have been like if I hadn’t seen these episodes a million times each. The last few years’ haven’t been too memorable, but the earlier years were all classics that were consistantly hilarious, memorable, and all around awesome.

Comic museum draws fans to festival – Groening will be in Columbus, Ohio for the 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art this weekend. 

And finally, we have a show in ruins being used to describe one that’s well on its way (via):

Can’t blame @dannychun, but The Office has done a Simpsons. Too sweet on its own characters, gone from satire to absurdity. Boring and safe.

“Boring and safe” is a good way to put it.

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  1. 15 October 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks for the shout-out yet again! Check all of the alt-text on the four pictures for more jokes. (The two Jack Nicholson ones continue the Simpsons references)

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