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Treehouse of Horror I3

“I’m not going to live in a house of evil just to save a few dollars.” – Marge Simpson
“Don’t be so stubborn.  We’re not talking about a few dollars, we’re talking about a few thousand dollars!” – Homer Simpson

Happy 20th anniversary to “Treehouse of Horror”!  At least, I think today is the 20th anniversary.  Wikipedia, IMDb, TV.com and even SNPP all have it as October 25th, not the 24th.  In 1990, October 25th was a Thursday, so that makes sense.  However, epguides has it as October 24th, 1990, which was a Wednesday.  Curious, I dug out the booklet from my Season 2 DVD collection and, lo and behold:

[Aired October 24, 1990]

Now, it’s possible that’s a typo.  And I checked on the disc itself and the airdate isn’t on the menu, nor were they reciting the airdates during the commentary in Season 2.  If this were just a regular episode I’d assume the booklet was wrong, but it was originally presented as a Halloween “special”; it’s at least possible that they moved it up a day for whatever reason.  So I’m really not sure, but since this is the date on the DVD set, it’s the one I’m going with. 

[Update 12:32pm: On Twitter our old friend Ryan came through with pretty definitive proof that the original “Treehouse of Horror” did in fact air on October 25th 1990:

TOH Airdate Proof

I’d say that pretty well clinches it.  The Season 2 DVD booklet has a typo and tomorrow is the real 20th anniversary.  Thanks Ryan!]

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day (Updated)”

  1. 24 October 2010 at 5:18 pm

    coming up next: Babes (In Stereo)

  2. 2 D.N.
    24 October 2010 at 6:06 pm

    “…the popular animated show has not yet thrown in the towel.”

    If only it did ten years ago!

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