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For some more Simpsons Day YouTube fun, here are a couple of very old behind the scenes videos.  This first one is really cool.  It’s a home video tour of Klasky-Csupo studio back at the very beginning of the show.  I have no idea where it came from, and it isn’t really informative per se, but it is fascinating.  These are the rooms those early episodes were drawn:













There are a lot of familiar names, plus late 80s fashions and gizmos, on display.  And, wow, David Silverman looks like Unfrozen Caveman Director. 

For a slightly more polished – albeit much more garbled – look at the early years of the show, we turn to Oprah.  Courtesy of a very old VHS tape and our friend simpspin, comes this amazing behind the scenes bit:













This looks to have been done during the fourth season.  (You even get to see this exchange more or less as it was recorded.)  After that, Part 2 is a short segment where Oprah, in the words of Groening, goes to Springfield:













Celebrities voicing themselves works so much better when it’s a dedicated promo and they, you know, cram it with jokes. 


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