Reading Digest: Block Quote Filler Edition (with Small Update)

Bart Gets an F4

I don’t know if it’s just a natural slowdown at the end of the year or what, but I just didn’t come across the usual volume of Simpsons related stuff this week.  Fortunately, I quoted liberally from what I did find and gave this the appearance of substance rather than the substance of substance.  Uh oh, maybe Zombie Simpsons is rubbing off on me.  Anyway, there is some neat stuff this week, including stories about Groening, Simon, and some humorously erotic fan art. 


[Note: After I decided to use this image for the header I checked to see if I’d used it before.  Turns out I used almost the exact same scene for the very short Reading Digest from the same time last year.  Either I’m seasonally slacking off alone, or the rest of the internet is doing it with me.]

Simpsons Producer Admits Show is Stale! – A special late addition via rubbercat.net/simpsons Twitter feed is now Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week. 

Simpsons creator to make desi comic – Groening took a trip to India and a comic book may be the result.

DOUG ELFMAN: Players critique Reid plan for poker – Sam Simon is something of a poker player, and he doesn’t like the cronyism behind the latest push to legalize on-line gambling. 

Humor Chic Exclusive – Anna Wintour and Homer Simpson, Erotic Tips – More fan made art from Humor Chic, this time with Homer in various tastefully done poses. 

Hey, you want the day off from school? Think again! – We’ve got two from In 10 Words this week . . .

Tron: Legacy…In 10 Words – . . . and as usual the alternate image text is Simpsons heavy. 

I Love the Simpsons – I usually roll my eyes when I read things about the show written by serious Christians.  It’s almost always the same pabulum about how Flanders is a good role model and how the show is secretly really Christian because they go to church.  This, on the other hand, has a much less blinkered view of the show, doesn’t view all criticism as blasphemy, and keeps a sense of humor.  And, naturally, I agree with this:

I am speaking here of the early seasons of the show, lately it has sadly lapsed into a model more centered on garnering laughs than speaking to the important issues of the day.

Random Musings: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Marathon, THE SIMPSONS & DEXTER’s Not-So-Killer Ending – I could do without the pointless self flagellation at the beginning, but this is pretty solid:

As much as we hate to further perpetuate the “blogger” stereotype, last night’s episode of THE SIMPSONS leaves us with choice but to channel our own inner comic book guy as we type the words, “Worst. Episode. Ever.” Okay, not really. But as someone who has watched every single episode of the iconic animated series, not to mention, fully appreciates that at 22 seasons and counting, original ideas may be more than a little hard to come by, we do find ourselves scratching our head over last night’s episode. Which is to say, we wouldn’t have so much of an issue with last night’s poorly timed Goodfellas/Donni Brasco homage if it was the least bit funny.

’16 TV Dads (& What Makes Them Awesome)’ – I like this list because it tells you a little about each guy, for example:

• Fred Sanford
WHO? Junk yard owner, heart attack faker, Lamont’s father on Sanford & Son.

Here’s Homer’s entry:

• Homer Simpson
WHO? Homer fucking Simpson.

Fuckin’ A. 

Bart Simpson Grows Old and Dies, Over and Over Again – I’ve been told that this is cool, but I have no idea since, for technical reasons I won’t go into, Quicktime and my computer do not get along.  (Who uses Quicktime these days?  Isn’t everything on YouTube or Vimeo?  Shit, HTML5 would’ve been fine.) 

Breaking Up is Hard to Do – This is a comparison that’s been made before, but this is certainly a good way to put it:

Many of us longtime fans of “The Simpsons” have broken up with the show to some degree, there’s hardly anyone over the age of 25 that considers it a must-watch show each week.

Danny Elfman – The Simpsons Theme (1989) – And finally, in honor of Simpsons Day, let’s end with an Italian orchestra debasing themselves with American trash:

3 Responses to “Reading Digest: Block Quote Filler Edition (with Small Update)”

  1. 17 December 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Eh, I wish I could’ve fixed the tracking on that VHS tape, but the tape was a dubbed copy of a bad VHS that had been hocked around Comic book conventions in the late 90’s. It’s too bad this wasn’t on the Season 3,4, or 5 DVD sets as an extra. :(

  2. 3 noothergods
    19 December 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks for the trackback and the kind words. I have to admit though if Christians are taking Flanders as a role-model it’s no wonder the American church is a dying entity.

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