Reading Digest: Dueling Videos Edition

“Son, you shouldn’t watch that other channel, it’s only for mommies and daddies who love each other very much.” – Homer Simpson

There were two Simpsons YouTube videos this week that garnered quite a bit of attention.  Taken together, they make for a rather funny statement on the current status of the show.  The first was a clip The Simpsons made back when The Cosby Show finally went off the air.  The second is a porn parody of the show slathered in yellow makeup.  I’d say that’s about where we are.  There’s also some excellent usage and the usual assortment of Simpsons ephemera.  As always, feel free to put anything Simpsons related you found on-line this week in the comments, self promotional links encouraged.    


Long-Lost Simpsons Clip Resurfaces – I vaguely remember this:













There’s some background at the link to rubbercat.net/simpsons, long story short:

Yes, Golden Age Simpsons managed to burn the current incarnation of the show from years in the past. The ownage levels are off the charts.

Are you friggin excrementing me? Safe for work Trailer for… SIMPSONS – THE XXX PARODY??? – Via Bill Oakley’s Twitter feed, followed swiftly by everyone else on the internet, it’s the trailer for the Simpsons porn parody:













I don’t think I could actually jerk off to that, but I gotta admit, some of the voices aren’t bad.  Marge isn’t even close, obviously, but both the guy playing Homer and the one playing Flanders do pretty good impressions.  The off screen Barney is decent as well, and it gets points for remembering that Cookie Kwan is number one on the west side.

Muston Scarecrow Festival – Check out these Simpsons scarecrows from Britain.  Homer, Bart and Lisa look pretty good, Marge kinda looks like her chest is pregnant.  Still, that’s cool, damn hell ass cool (via rubbrcatsimp on Twitter). 

Two Films That Subtly Changed Some of My Attitudes About Movies and Life – I was entertained by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but this is both excellent usage and pretty true:

How do we know Scott is worthy of our attention? Because every other character in the movie talks about and/or reacts to Scott all the time. It’s like the scene in The Simpsons‘ "The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show" where Homer gives the show’s producers a list of ways to make viewers love the Poochie character, once of which is "Whenever Poochie’s not onscreen, the other characters should be asking, ‘Where’s Poochie?’"

Homer actually puts an “all” in front of “the other”, but other than that it’s spot on. 

Homer Simpson YouTube Background – Are you a YouTube member?  Here’s a Homer background. 

Ophiuchus…In 10 Words – Homer’s horoscope, and his wailing reaction to it, always cracks me up.

The Simpsons Porn Parody…In 10 Words – A twofer, this one being about everyone’s favorite Simpsons topic this week.  Though Flanders calls him “Homey”, not “Homer”, but that’s nitpicking. 

Teachable TV – Nice little write up of Denise Du Vernay, one of the co-authors of that Simpsons in the classroom book. 

all over again, repeating – Perfectly quoting from “Bart vs. Thanksgiving” about what sort of sounds like a break up is excellent usage. 

Trailer: The Green Hornet – A discussion of why The Green Hornet is likely to suck, with excellent Skinner usage at the end:

Prove me wrong, kids.  Prove me wrong.

Review: TRON Legacy – More excellent usage from the same website as the above:

Allow me to start my review by embracing my inner-geek; in the seventh season “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons, Homer finds himself catapulted into a new dimension where he becomes rendered in 3D.  When asked by his family what his new surroundings are like he responds, “Did anyone see the movie TRON?” Everyone quickly answers in the negative.  Well, I wish I didn’t see TRON: Legacy.

Serendipitous Relevance and American Lit – A teacher uses pop culture to remind his students that everything from rap music to movies is influenced by older literature.  But what, may I ask, is wrong with Season 2?:

Now if only I could find a more recent reference for Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea than a second season episode of The Simpsons…

For the record, I didn’t understand “A little ketchup for your buns, Papa?” until many years after I saw it.   

Droid Streamer Pro – So Long Productivity, Nice Knowing You – Streaming some Season 5 episodes on a 3G connection. 

Crossfade: My favorite bands that appear on The Simpsons – This list gets a little Zombie Simpsons towards the end, but then it finishes with YouTube of The Ramones at Burns’ birthday party.

So it Begins: Top 10 TV Show Intros – Simpsons only checks in at #8.  Despite writing, “Though no one actually watches this show anymore, it at one time was beloved” it uses the HD Zombie Simpsons opening.  That aside, there is some decent teevee nostalgia YouTube here.

They’re everywhere III – A blog called “11:23” with a clip from “Brother from the Same Planet” showing the clock at . . . well, you get the idea. 

Episode 23-Star Wars, Alan Moore and Stuff – A comic book podcast where they discuss, among other things, Neil Gaiman’s upcoming guest spot (thanks to Andreas for e-mailing about that) on Zombie Simpsons and how the show now has more bad episodes than good.  The Simpsons part starts around 8:15 and last about three minutes. 

Homer Simpson’s Top 10 Inventory Management Tips – Part 2 – This is the second half of that list I linked last week.  Once again the quotes look good at a glance, with one exception: Forfty

Why on The Simpsons "The Good Book" read by Larry King end with Malachi and not Revelation? – I probably shouldn’t expect much more from a website called “Your Celeb Questions”, but this is pretty funny:

The episode "One Fish Two Fish Blowfish Bluefish" Homer eats Fugu at a Japanese Sushi restaurant and is given 24 hours to live. He finishes his last day listening to "The Good Book" on tape, read by Larry King and it ends with Malachi. "The End" said Larry King. No, that’s not the end, Larry. You have 27 more books to go.
The Simpsons are Christians they are not Jews so why didn’t it end with Revelation?
Some Jew Larry King is.

The commenters at least seem sane. 

2 Responses to “Reading Digest: Dueling Videos Edition”

  1. 14 January 2011 at 12:54 pm

    You can’t expect a porn parody to be accurate, so why expect a summary of a porn parody to do the same? In any case, I fixed it.

  2. 2 Lovejoy Fan
    14 January 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite writers, so I’m unsure how I feel about him appearing on Zombie Simpsons.

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