Reading Digest: Excellently Unorthodox Usage Edition

“Bart, you know that guy on your lunchbox?” – Homer Simpson
“Oh, you mean Krusty the Klown?” – Bart Simpson
“He’s sort of a hero of yours isn’t he?” – Homer Simpson
“Are you kidding?  He’s my idol.  I base my whole life on Krusty’s teachings.” – Bart Simpson

Usually when I link something here and refer to it as “usage”, it’s someone who invokes a Simpsons character in a newspaper article or blog post, or quotes the show to help illustrate a point.  That’s all fine and well and good, and I do it myself all the time, but this week there are a number of links, often of dazzlingly fantastic geekishness, that call on Simpsons in ways both subtle and structural.  There’s a comparison between the internet and Homer’s quest for a soulmate, a guy writing a book, and great way to look at an aggravating day.  There’s also some regular usage, a couple of people who kind of look like Simpsons characters, a couple of YouTube videos (including a great one-man rendition of the Simpsons theme), and some celebrity hair. 


Seven Things I’ve Learned from Ralph Wiggum – This is Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week, the wit and wisdom of Ralph Wiggum without a trace of Zombie Simpsons.  Bravo. 

Bart Simpson – This link is straight to the following YouTube video:













Awesome.  (Via the always reliable Springfield Springfield Twitter feed.)

Watching the Simpsons – This guy works nights, and organized the other employees into a guerilla Simpsons watching cabal until management got wind of it.  Sweet. 

Lego Dudes – This is the kind of thing that looks like it’s been kicking around the internet for a while, but that doesn’t make it any less geek-tastic.  From Jules and Vincent to Mega Man, Robocop and Homer Simpson, this is damned cool. 

Rupert Murdoch, the man they all hate to love – Very poor usage:

The culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt – a name I type with great care these days (for a while "they’re a right load of culture secretaries" became slang for something much ruder) got into a row about who is more impartial about Rupert Murdoch. I was reminded of an exchange in The Simpsons.

Homer: Hey, you kids, stop fighting with each other.

Bart: Gee, dad, we’re just arguing about which one of us loves you more.

Homer: Oh, that is so nice!

Bart: Yes, she says I do, and I say she does.

That isn’t even close, and it’s doubly bad because even the most casual search would produce the SNPP page that has it down. 

Wait, What About the Sax Solo? – Well, there’s a keytar-sax, that counts.  And besides, this is awesome:













Ugly Betty star America Ferrera on Sundance jury – Groening’s going to be on some jury at the Sundance Film Festival.  I vote for Pukahontas. 

Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel – This is YouTube of exactly what you think it is, which is spectacular.  And here’s a bonus quote from the same blog.

ANOTHER APP – This popped up in a couple of places this week.  I don’t know if it’s new or if it just got renewed attention because Steve Jobs is taking off again, but it’s very well drawn. 

How Do You Fugu? – Comparing the process of writing a book to that most delicate of culinary preparations:

For now, we’ll equate it to preparing Fugu fish (featured in one of the greatest Simpsons episodes EVER, btw).  One wrong cut and the results can be disastrous.

So for the time being, we approach this undertaking with anxious optimism, ensuring that we only include the best choices.

Once completed, we will offer to you all a chance to ingest it, savouring the mental meal that we have prepared for you.

Until then, our skilled hands are busy!

See what I mean about excellently unorthodox usage? 

For Eddie – A tribute to Edgar Allen Poe that happily acknowledges what has to be one of the most well worn paths to high culture by now:

I came to love him in the same way most people come to love anything. And, that’s through The Simpsons. You know what episode it is. The first Treehouse of Horror and the life-shaking reading of “The Raven” by Lisa and Homer Simpson, and James Earl Jones.

Vince Offer Totally Looks Like Moe – Enh.  I credit the smirk. 

Simpson Couch – A couple of pictures of adorable children, and a bearded guy, on one of those plastic couches they made for the movie. 

It comes with a free frozen yogurt – If you’re going to have a shitty day, and everyone does, you could do worse than to laugh at it like this:

Things kept happening that seemed good, and then would quickly become bad.  I thought I missed my bus this morning, but I didn’t (that’s good!).  The bus driver was new and missed my stop, so I had to walk an extra 10 minutes in -26 C weather (that’s bad).

Yet more excellent usage. 

Quick, hide! – Animated .gif (is there any other kind these days?) of Homer blending back into the bushes from “Homer Loves Flanders”. 

Simpsons Did It! in real life… – Heh.  Also, excellent usage. 

Simpsons Image Collection (18/01/2011) – There’s a bit too much Zombie Simpsons here, but it ain’t all bad. 

lisa simpson – A very nicely done fan made painting of Lisa and that cute little baby lamb for sale on Australian eBay. 

10 Best Cartoon Characters – Homer checks in at #2.

CHEF’S CORNER: Mark Murphy of Flounder’s Chowder House – Points for effort, but this is still poor usage:

"Someone once observed that a pig resembles a saint in that he is more honored after death than during his lifetime." — Anonymous "The pig is a magical animal." — Homer Simpson

Post your favourite Simpsons quotes! – This is just a message board thread of jokes people likes from the show.  As you can probably guess, all but a tiny handful of the quotes are non-Zombie Simpsons. 

Rihanna Does Astonishing Impression Of Side Show Bob – Due to the wonderful variety of the internet, just about any time someone (famous or not) gets their hair to stick up or out the comparisons to Marge or Sideshow Bob begin.  I never link them because most of them are, to put it kindly, a stretch.  But this one is not.  This one is less of a stretch and more of a dead on, real world impersonation.

The best Simpsons episode ever – One man’s love for inanimate carbon rods, sly sex jokes, and the International Space Station.

Dave Itzkoff’s Top 5 Complicated Father-Son Relationships – This list isn’t in any particular order, but Bart and Homer are on it. 

Cross Stitch Patterns of the Saiyuki Boys and Marge Simpson, Plus Some Cool Finished Stitching – Pretty much what the title says.

In Search of the Elusive She-Nerd – It’s not in the main text, a post about the typical lack of decent female characters in fiction, but the picture caption on Lisa is excellent usage. 

Paul Pfeiffer Totally Looks Like Milhouse Van Houten – Hey Bart, do you have a best friend yet?  Cuz I’ve been looking for someone to boss me around. 

The System [Was] Down – Still more excellent non-quote usage:

There’s an episode of The Simpsons where Homer, after a tiff with Marge, goes on a journey to find his “soulmate.” At one point he finds refuge in the town’s lighthouse. The Internet is my lighthouse. Except, unlike Homer, I never had to keep looking for my soulmate. The Internet, I’m yours.

The Yellow and the Furia Roja: Spain’s national football team get The Simpsons treatment – A rather excellent Simpsonization of Spain’s 2010 World Cup team. 

Peter and Lois Griffin versus Homer and Marge Simpson – This is a fictionalized account of what a pie laden wrestling match between the two couples would be.  It’s well written and just as odd as you’d think it would be.  Happily it contains this:

Here we have a pair of pairs, each belonging to cartoon shows that were once funny and now are past their prime. Peter and Lois form the parental unit of the Griffin family, the focal point of Family Guy. Family Guy had an excellent four-year run (seven if you count the years the series spent on hiatus) before beginning a painful downhill slide. The Simpsons, by comparison, lasted nearly ten full years before beginning to fall apart, but has now become absolutely painful to watch (although, based on ratings, most of America disagrees with me on both points).

Amen, though only a tiny and every declining fraction of America actually watches Zombie Simpsons. 

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