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“A new and better life awaits you on our distant home plant Blisstonia.” – Movementarian 

Speaking as someone with experience in setting up and maintaining websites, perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to WordPress is that I almost never notice it.  For a cost of precisely zero dollars, they provide professional grade web publishing tools that allow me, the crank with a few things on his mind, to spout my gibberish without worrying that the amateurishness of the presentation will detract from the amateurishness of the content.  It’s really a fantastic system, and the “rah-rah, yay! blogging” attitude of their official pronouncements never crosses the line from enthusiastic to cloying. 

Along those lines, at the dawn of 2011 they started a campaign to get people to blog more, part of which is based around the idea of posting once a day no matter what.  The result of that is several links this week to other WordPress blogs that ruminate on posting, writing and watching the Simpsons.  We’ve also got the usual assortment of excellent usage and random Simpsons stuff, including a new Lisa themed Tumblr site, plenty of YouTube, and board games. 


Intertextuality and the Study of Texts – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this academic discussion of one of the Tracey Ullman shorts. 

The 10 funniest fictional drugs from TV and movies – Flintstones Chewable Morphine is on here.

Brad Bird Claims To Be Much Happier Doing Live Action Movies – I love me some Brad Bird, but this seems like a stretch:

Brad Bird has already left a substantial mark on the film world (his departure from The Simpsons led to the show’s downfall, but that’s a whole other thing entirely).

Talk up live action all you want, I bet his license plate reads A1134EV. 

A Tree in the Forest – A rather long post about writing and the nature of . . . well, here:

Most people would like something they made, either written, painted, filmed, et cetera, to be viewed, read, and have some sort of feedback or give someone some catharsis. Yet this is seldom happens… brings me back to the tree in the forest. I know it’s not cliché, it’s a zen parable that was on The Simpsons. If creating art is the tree, than when it falls, the creator has the pleasure/satisfaction/transcendence of the moment of creation, yet it exists in a vacuum. Only to one person is there a noise.

This is a little all over the place.

I am clapping with one hand. 

Should I be posting more often? – That’s up to you.  But you can’t go wrong with this:

I will probably open my evening with “Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?” because Emily Haines was who. I. wanted. to. be. freshman year of college. And proceed to watch several episodes of The Simpsons.

When it doubt, watch The Simpsons

I put on makeup today because I was so bored – See the previous link:

Hopefully it equals an hour or so because instead of reading yesterday or today, I did things like watch The Simpsons and eat chocolate-covered pretzels.

Kev’s Life For Sale – Framed Simpsons posters will always have resale value (scroll to the bottom for the picture).  Also, nice Lebowski reference. 

Lisa Simpson Gets Book Club on Tumblr – There’s some unavoidable Zombie Simpsons, but except for the fact that Lisa says “New Republic for Kids” not “The New Republic for Kids”, this is excellent usage:

Here is a particularly funny quote from the show: “Well, I think we should invest in a set of The Great Books Of Western Civilization. Look at this ad from The New Republic For Kids: Each month, a new classic will be delivered to our door. Paradise Regained, Martin Cheselwitt or Herman Melville’s twin-classics Omoo and Typee.”

Tumblr link goes here

Sneak Peak:The Simpsons Meet Halle Berry – Zombie Simpsons sketched up Halle Berry for an Academy Award episode.  I submit this as further evidence of what I was talking about yesterday

Monorail! – YouTube of exactly what you think it is.  That song never gets old. 

Report Smokes Out Tobacco Use on TV Shows Popular Among Kids – This is beyond stupid, but it does give me a chance to link back to this, which remains applicable. 

Where half-assed knowledge is further diluted into nothingness… – Excellent image usage, and check out the first and third comments. 

Krustyland! – A neat bunch of photos from the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios.  That rack of Homer slippers is going to replace the whale in my nightmares. 

Don’t get bored, get BOARD games! – They made a Simpsons version of Clue?  Of course they did.  This post also contains two other fantastic things: cheap used stuff and Bill Nye. 

Day 56 – February 3rd, 2011 – I’ve never played that Simpsons game, but you can never get enough Ham Ahoy. 

Go Banana! (and Seahawks) – There was an ad during the Super Bowl where the NFL edited a bunch of clips from old and current teevee shows so that all our favorite characters were wearing officially license apparel.  This link has the video, as well as a still of the Simpsons part, and this excellent observation in the comments:

Maude Flanders loves the Bucs so much that she came back from the dead to cheer for them.

Gym class was never really my thing – An animated .gif (from our friends at Eye On Springfield) of Lisa’s very athletic ability to dribble a basketball with her face.

Homer’s Night Out – Animated .gif of Homer’s night out.  Also, nice WordPress theme. 

Ruthless aliens probe Shepherd’s Pie – An excellent use of Kang and Kodos dolls. 

New Promotional Image Released for Season 22 – Our friends over at Everything Simpsons have a promo image for Sunday’s upcoming clusterfuck.  I think the Kwik-E-Mart ran out of Blue Dye #52.

Snowmageddon was a bust – Shotgun full of snow YouTube. 

The Simpsons – Hand In Toaster – More YouTube?  More YouTube. 

Thomas Edison…In 10 words – Now let’s all visit Edison’s boyhood gift shop. 

Fischer’s Friday Five – And finally, I get to end the way I like to, with someone who agrees with us:

The Gay Steel Mill

Classic Simpsons episode where Homer worries that Bart is gay so he takes him to a steel mill to show him what real men are like.  Amazing how great The Simpsons used to be before Family Guy came around.  Watch the video and enjoy!

Work hard, play hard.

2 Responses to “Reading Digest: WordPress Meta Edition”

  1. 1 Wrinkledlion X
    13 February 2011 at 6:09 am

    Watch the video on the Brad Bird story. It’s a joke.

  2. 13 February 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Sorry, but I had to pass this along from HD Digest. They were talking about the 1999 movie “A.I.” and they briefly compared to the episode “Rosebud”:

    “‘A.I.’ struck me on a different level, as I see the film as having more than just the obvious meaning about purpose; the constant theme of abandonment and possession, of friends living and inanimate, and the emotions tied to the difficult choices none of us ever want to make. ‘The Simpsons handled this theme wonderfully in 1993, and I think that everyone has that object that they imprinted on as a child, that has always held meaning to them, whether they have it or not. Me? I’m fortunate enough to still possess my favorite childhood stuffed animal, and even perused eBay recently until I was able to find a matching one in new condition (and it wasn’t an easy search, let me say!), so that the next generation of smart mouthed Bosses can potentially have what I did. I say all this, because Teddy obviously plays this part to both David and Martin, but David is Monica’s teddy bear, the object she’ll never forget or forgive herself for losing.”

    Link: http://bluray.highdefdigest.com/4708/artificial_intelligence_japan.html

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