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“Thank god we’re back in Hollywood, where people treat each other right.” – Movie Guy

No sooner do I make fun of Zombie Simpsons for its relentless Hollywood navel gazing than they spend an entire episode navel gazing in Hollywood.  Starting with that interminable Itchy & Scratchy thing and running through awards ceremony cliches and a stunning number of glacially slow short films, this thing was one long exercise in entertainment industry self congratulations.  (I’m sure these sorts of things will get people at L.A. area cocktail parties to praise them, but for the rest of us it’s a little less fun.)  In between all that we were treated to some truly bizarre set pieces that had nothing to do with anything.  Was Lisa hallucinating when the Pixar lamp attacked her?  Was that the theme music for Jurassic Park and, if so, why?  What ever happened to the chair guy? 

This episode was like watching one of Michael Bay’s more impatient films.  Characters and storylines appear and disappear at random, most scenes have nothing to do with the ones before or after them, and all the pyrotechnics can’t conceal how poorly constructed the whole thing is.  You’ve got twenty minutes to fill, you shouldn’t be worried that people are going to click to a different browser tab every ninety seconds.  These are not YouTube videos or, at least, they’re not supposed to be. 

Anyway, the numbers are in and while they’re up from last week they’re still bad.  Last night’s unintentional warning about the dangers of attention deficit disorder was left on by 6.35 million people while they clicked around Twitter and Facebook.  That’s the second lowest number all season, though it’s going to need to get worse if Season 22 is going to take Season 20’s crown for least watched.

3 Responses to “Knowing Your Audience”

  1. 21 February 2011 at 5:47 pm

    The episode was hyperactive and unfocused, but I still liked it more than other episodes this season if only because it wasn’t as dumbfoundingly BLAND. I guess Zombie Simpsons wants to become a marginally more structured version of Robot Chicken now?

    Unfortunately their parodies weren’t funny, satirical, or on the mark. I just the AV Club review of the episode, and it claims that the Wallace & Gromit parody “manages to convey the charm and unfunniness of the originals.” I wonder if the reviewer’s ever SEEN a W&G short – they’re fast-paced and as chock-full of gags mixed with pathos as, say, vintage Simpsons.

    Anyway, I’ll take quantity (like a bazillion guest stars and uneven parodies) without quality when the other choice is neither one. This episode has a few stray funny gags buried amongst the garbage, like the rambling Martin Scorsese. But how did they fit in both an overlong Itchy & Scratchy AND an overlong Not-Pixar attack, and have neither one contain ANY comedy? Ohhhh, Zombie Simpsons…

    • 2 D.N.
      22 February 2011 at 5:31 pm

      I read the A.V. Club review too, but my appreciation of the guy’s credentials took a battering with this bit he wrote:

      “…The episode opens with a truly excellent Itchy & Scratchy episode (and I’m not normally an I&S fan)…”

      I don’t get how you can like the show and NOT “normally” like I&S. Anyway, this guy’s pretty lenient on Zombie Simpsons episodes. Eps which are savaged on this site get off with B ratings on The A.V. Club.

  2. 3 studentee
    22 February 2011 at 1:50 am

    “This episode was like watching one of Michael Bay’s more impatient films.”


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