Reading Digest: Bart Flickr Edition

The Telltale Head8

“Ready for inspection, Mom.” – Lisa Simpson
“Very nice, Maggie.  And Lisa, you look lovely.  Bart, assume the position.” – Marge Simpson

This week we’ve got two Flickr users putting Bart to creative use, one thanks to a big street mural, the other with a statue.  There’s also some excellent usage, an apathetic Zombie Simpsons fan, lots of short YouTube clips, and new blog that holds the promise of cool Simpsons stuff.  Oh, and Lenny Tunes was killin’ it this week.


Love is in the Air in Springfield and ‘The Simpsons’ Fans Get to Play Cupid – FOX is going to milk the desperation soaked ploy of having Flanders and Krabappel get together all summer:

Following the all-new “The Ned-liest Catch” season finale episode of THE Simpsons, airing Sunday, May 22 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX, fans can decide the future of “Nedna” at http://www.thesimpsons.com by voting “Pro Nedna” or “No Nedna.” All summer long, “I’m Pro Nedna” and “I’m No Nedna” wallpaper, videos, Twitter badges and Facebook icons will be available for fans to download and post. After the fan voting ends in August, results will be revealed during the Season 23 premiere airing this fall on FOX.

Oh, cross platform promotion, you are so vile.  But wait, there’s more:

In “The Ned-liest Catch,” feeling guilty for getting Ms. Krabappel suspended after one of his school pranks, BART (Nancy Cartwright) helps her escape detention, and Ned Flanders winds up saving her life in the process. When Edna and Ned start dating, he is surprised to learn she’s been with many of Springfield’s men, including HOMER (Dan Castellaneta) and Aerosmith drummer JOEY KRAMER (guest-voicing as himself).

I guess he got his drumsticks back.

Zombie Simpsons – Cool fan made picture of the family as actual zombies.

is this thing on? – This is the inaugural, and so far only, post at a new blog:

i haven’t quite decided how often i will update this blog. hoping for once a week. any suggestions on what i should talk about? maybe i’ll devote a post on how much embroidery i do of the simpsons. yeah, i think i’ll do that…

Please do.  This blog has a longstanding policy to link to all fan made Simpsons stuff, and Simpsons embroidery, Etsy links included, falls squarely into that category.  Good luck with the blog!

TV 2011; the season of cancellations! – This is a rundown of shows currently on television.  Here’s the part about Zombie Simpsons:

The Simpsons (FOX)
Always forget this is on, but Tivo keeps recording it.  I don’t know why I don’t watch every episode as every time I watch one I think it’s just as fresh as I remember.

Even people who like Zombie Simpsons barely give a shit about it.  If that’s not a hallmark of forgettable television I don’t know what is.

Simpsons Rewatch: Homer’s Phobia. – Our first Lenny Tunes link is about the episode that predated The Ellen Moment:

Homer’s line about being mad at John not because he’s gay, but because he’s a sneak, is the first of a couple lines that I think now serve as excellent commentary on gay representation in television. I’m inclined to say that they weren’t intended that way because in 1997 there was probably not that much representation to comment on (Will & Grace started in 1998), but one of the amazing things about early seasons of The Simpsons was that they had their finger on the pulse of pop-culture so much that they were able to seemingly satirize things that hadn’t happened yet.

Co-sign.  Not only was the show ahead of its time, it called stuff.  How many times has life imitated The Simpsons? 

The Ten Best Gibberish Words in TV Scrabble – An excellent list, with everyone’s favorite North American primate sitting pretty at #1.

Quote of the Day: President Interbush Week – I lived through the 1990s, I heard a lot of Clinton jokes.  This one remains not only one of the best, but also one of the dirtiest, and that’s saying something.  Perfectly quoted. 

Quote of the Day: President Interbush Week – More Lenny Tunes, though this one is just a smidge off.  Stephanopoulos says “a bit” before “confused”.  Other than that, including the always tricky spelling of “Stephanopoulos”, it’s dead on.

Simpsons Video of the Week: Sears Catalogue. – Oh, the Sears bra section!  That joke was definitely written by someone who was a teenager in the dark time before the internet.  I don’t think I’ve ever not laughed at this. 

im learnding – Short YouTube of Ralph’s “Supernintendo Chalmers” bit.

Up and Atom – More quick YouTube.

Philip Roth is one of the great artists of the novel, warts and all – I didn’t know this:

In a spectacularly funny moment in Philip Roth’s novel Portnoy’s Complaint, a teenager has locked himself in the bathroom of the family home in 1940s Newark, New Jersey, to indulge in his favourite solitary pleasure. His worried, overbearing parents start knocking at the door and demanding that he open up so they can see what is so wrong that he is always on the toilet. This literary moment is such a classic of modern comedy that it was lovingly pastiched by The Simpsons, in an episode about the childhood of Krusty the Clown. In the cartoon version, a young Krusty has locked himself in the bathroom to practice spraying soda water when his rabbi father, who disapproves of clowns, knocks demandingly at the door.

Of course, I’ve never read “Portnoy’s Complaint”, so it makes sense.

Lottery luck? – The lottery has always been one of the NBA’s quirkier traditions, but this is excellent usage:

The Suns’ situation and tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery brings to mind some parenting from Homer Simpson to son, Bart.

"Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it," Homer said. "Now quiet. They’re about to announce the lottery numbers."

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Comes to TV Just in Time for the World to End [Video] – Mike Scully, everyone’s favorite Simpsons alum, will be producing an animated series based on the movie.

Sideshow Bob hair sketches – Some fan made sketches of Bob and his famous ’do.

Animal Kingdom sets decent benchmark – Nice analogy:

The Preakness is very much the Lisa Simpson of the triple crown races. It’s not considered as important as the outspoken, headline-hogging Bart of the Kentucky Derby, yet not ignored altogether by the writers like Maggie’s Belmont. It is the understated, high-achiever of the three 130-odd-year-old siblings.


Bart Simpson – This is a Flickr photo of Bart superimposed over a picture of a statue in . . . you know what?  Just click it.  I giggled.

Graffiti – Bart Simpson – Adorable little children posing with a giant graffiti image of Bart.

Outlook’s Third Annual Spring Cleaning List: "The Simpsons" – And finally, not only do I get to end the way I like, I get to link to Kaplan Test Prep Daily to do it.  Noted Simpsons aficionado and internet nemesis Matt Zoller Seitz:

That Fox’s "The Simpsons" has seen better days is a more than remotely true proposition — the long-lived cartoon’s past 10 seasons provide more than enough damning evidence that the series should pack it in.


3 Responses to “Reading Digest: Bart Flickr Edition”

  1. 20 May 2011 at 1:53 pm

    thanks so much for the link to my blog! i plan on posting photos of some of the embroidery pieces i have done of the simpsons. it’s a personal project i’ve been working on for the last few months to pull together a wall of portraits of the simpsons done by hand stitching. i’m very excited about it and hope others will appreciate them too! thanks again!! -amanda

  2. 2 lennyburnham
    20 May 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for the links! The Treehouse of Horror quote is fixed.

    Portnoy’s Complaint is one of my favorite books, but it never occurred to me to make the connection. The joke just being a masturbation mislead totally works without any reference, but I guess it makes sense considering how literate Simpsons writers are and a Philip Roth reference works with Krusty’s Jewish childhood.

  3. 3 Joe C.
    22 May 2011 at 2:55 am

    Great set of links this week!

    The article about cancelled shows for 2011 made me think: which of those shows that are coming back shouldn’t come back? ZS is an obvious choice, but I feel that The Office is turning, if not already, into Zombie Office where characters are added and dropped at will, they have stopped developing, and the plots are unnecessary and drawn-out. Tosh.0 is also not THAT great since his commentary is not much better than RWJ on Youtube (who I dislike).

    As a matter of fact, Wipeout is the only other show on this list that I actually watch. It may be stupid-funny, but it’s damn entertaining (plus none of that sentimental bullshit where contestants cry about their personal issues).

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