Reading Digest: Speaking in (Internet) Tongues Edition

Marge in Chains6

“Dad, Todd’s speaking in tongues!” – Rod Flanders
“Chabogobolithplaschlablitha.” – Todd Flanders
“I wish he were, Rod, I pray for the day.  But I’m afraid he’s just delirious from fever.” – Ned Flanders

One of the fun things about the clattering clank of cogs that is the internet is when you come across something which can’t quite be classified.  There are a couple of things this week that, while Simpsons related, are just too random and/or weird to make sense, at least to me.  In addition to that we’ve got Kanye West versus Season 5, “Dumpster pools”, some fan art, and the first ever instance of excellent usage actually sent in by the author.


Syncing Season Five of The Simpsons with Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week is this recounting of what happened when one man pushed play on a Kanye West album at the same time as Disc 1 of Season 5.  I particularly like this:

-”We’ll have a big ass crib and a long yard…” coincided with a shot of a big ass crib and a long yard.

Bravo, internet.  Bravo.

A big hit season for Simpsons trivia gathering – A full writeup of the Classic Simpsons Trivia night in Toronto along with quotes from the two exceptional people who put it together.  Al Jean even sent them an animation cel (albeit one from long after Season 11 when they cut the trivia off).

Game Developers and Crunch Time: Is Being Overworked Normal? – Nadia Oxford, freelance writer and video game aficionado, sent us this piece she wrote about the grueling realities of late stage video game development.  Her hook?  A clog in the torso chute.  Excellent.  Oh, and Leroy, get your ass in gear!

Random Wacken Guy Totally Looks Like “The Simpsons” Comic Book Guy – Meh.

Top 10: Rise of the Planet of the Cartoon Apes – Mr. Teeny is on here, and I’m not just linking this because they linked to last week’s Reading Digest.

Bart Simpson’s Skateboard in Real Life – Three weeks in a row for skateboard links.  Here’s some large pictures of one that looks just like Bart’s.

Simpsons – Homer and Homosexuals – Cleverly animated .gif of Homer demanding “Faaahlaaayming” homosexuals.

Lisa Simpson – Fan made Lisa in a South Park style.  The dress kinda makes her look like that one goth girl.

Homer and Marge Simpson Beer Bottle Cozies – I’d drink out of those.

Does eating right have to be expensive? – Moderate usage:

In the midst of our increasing economic nightmare, the family grocery bill is already bound to take a beating, and, as Marge Simpson says, "We can’t afford to shop at any store with a philosophy."

It’s very apt, but Marge actually says “We can’t afford to shop at any store that has a philosophy.”

TV | 05/08 Tonight’s Telly – Heh:

Main Event: Speed, RTE One, 10.35pm

Best referred to on The Simpsons as ‘The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down’, this 1990s action classic launched the career of Sandra Bullock and turned Keanu Reeves into an Hollywood hero overnight.

I love it when things are remembered more for being on The Simpsons than for being in existence generally.

Councilwoman has ‘Simpsons’ idea for porta-pools – Good idea:

It might be a case of where life imitates “The Simpsons,” specifically where the town of Springfield trucked a “pool mobile” to the Simpsons’ neighborhood to help kids beat the summer heat.

Borough Councilwoman Sharon Lee suggested the next best thing, investigating the purchase of three “Dumpster pools” created by a New York company which is set to auction them off.

It got nixed out of safety concerns, but if I were them I’d look into a different name that “Dumpster pools”.

I Love You, Supernintendo Chalmers – Some love for Chalmers and a YouTube video of Chalmers yelling “Skinner!” (though it has far too much Zombie Simpsons for my taste).

the-simpsons-by-jjuussttee.jpg – Fan made watercolor(?) of the only thing anyone remembers from the movie.  The shaded letters are particularly nice.

Fox Animation Domination Sundays Is All Guest Stars This Season – You don’t need to click this because there is nothing the least bit informative about this article.  I just think the headline nicely sums up the current state of Zombie Simpsons.

Cover Your Eyes, Gentle Voters – Apparently, someone thinks the 2012 presidential election is going to be the “most negative pres campaign of our lifetimes”.  The response to this idiotic, ahistorical overreaction is this excellent usage:

In an old episode of The Simpsons, Homer discovers that he’ll have to pay an extra $5 in taxes to support a bear patrol. "It’s the biggest tax increase in history!" he shouts. "Actually, Dad," says Lisa, "it’s the smallest tax increase in history."

I’d say that’s about right.

Tom Felton is Mr Burns from The Simpsons – There is a picture here of the erstwhile Draco Malfoy that does kinda look like Burns.

2011 Arizona State Sun Devils Football Season Preview – Excellent usage in a college football preview:

“It looks like heaven’s easier to get into than Arizona State,” said Ned Flanders in one of The Simpsons’ greatest lines.

Simpsons (Bowling) – A rather awesome Homer/bowling t-shirt.  (Also, nice WordPress theme.)

“Ah, Monday morning. Time to pay for your two days of debauchery, you hungover drones.” -Charles Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons) – This week’s bonus Freakoutville link is to this excellent quote from SNL alum Jack Handy.

Unemployment…In 10 Words – Double usage from our old friend Galileo.

Bill the Cockroach – This is a comic strip wherein two guys discuss Ralph Wiggum, but I do not get it.  I get the Ralph quotes and references, but the guy in the hat has me baffled.

QUOTABLES – A nice, minimalist design of Homer’s quote extolling the virtues of work and lottery tickets.

Enter Title Here – A Simpsons stream of consciousness:

Sometimes small children don’t want to go to sleep. It’s not very fun. The only thing keeping Sethikins from going insane and trying to bite me to death is a rather large, fun blanket and season seven of the Simpsons.

Scratch that–reverse it, and then put the words back in the right order, so as to make sure that no underwear is unnecessarily microwaved on cold winter days.


And now I’m confused again.  Pleasantly confused, but confused nonetheless.

The horror! The horror! – Weird search terms are always fun, I just never thought of pairing them with images.  A couple here are Simpsons related, including “old men gay pissing in armpits” which has Grampa fighting the alligator in the toilet.

Punishment – A psychology major uses Homer’s soul donut (with YouTube) to illustrate the textbook definition of “punishment”.  Excellent educational usage.

Time Is My Everything – A list of television shows that, while not as strident as we are, does seem to agree with our basic premise:

What is there to say, that hasn’t already been said? Maybe it’s been going too long (I’ve known Bart for longer than I’ve known my nephew. My nephew is 19 years old at present), maybe it isn’t as fresh as it used to be, maybe the characters, or the continuity or what have you has gone askew.

There is likely an argument for all these cases. All I know is that if I check into a hotel, and they don’t have pay tv, a little part of me is disappointed that I won’t be able to watch The Simpsons as I get ready for the day. This show has been around for two-thirds of my life. I think it might be hardwired into my DNA now.

5 Responses to “Reading Digest: Speaking in (Internet) Tongues Edition”

  1. 12 August 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Fun fact: The original caption of the picture on my link was “THIS IS WHAT REPUBLICANS ACTUALLY BELIEVE.”

  2. 2 Shane
    12 August 2011 at 2:30 pm

    I hope I wasn’t the only one who laughed reading the Leroy quote again.

  3. 3 superdayv
    12 August 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Thanks for the mention buddy! I’ll have to come here for my Simpsons fix!

  4. 4 D.N.
    12 August 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Some more Simpsons-reminiscing on Ken Levine’s blog:

    How Levine and David Isaacs came to write the “Dancin’ Homer” episode: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-we-got-our-first-simpsons.html (Levine’s “I’m here to tell you, the real creative force behind THE SIMPSONS was Sam Simon” dovetails with a lot of the oral history material in John Ortved’s book.)

    Levine talks a little bit about George Meyer: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2011/08/whats-best-scriptwriting-program-whats.html

  5. 5 Bea Simmons' rotting corpse
    13 August 2011 at 3:31 am

    Al Jean donated a cel from an episode of the digital animation era?

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