Strangely Dull Mike Scully Podcast

I was hoping to have a meaty and informative post today based on an hour long appearance Mike Scully did on sportswriter Jonah Keri’s podcast last week.  Foolishly, I assumed that Scully talking television, The Simpsons, and pop culture for such a long time had to have a few blog worthy nuggets for a boring week in August.  I was wrong.  About halfway through I thought I was in trouble because I only had like three and a half sentences of notes.  But I stuck it out hoping for something, a snarky quote, an interesting behind the scenes story, anything. 

The most interesting thing that happened was that Keri wanted to discuss the fact that “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” was pulled for syndication after the 2001 terrorist attacks.  But Keri didn’t do his homework.  First, he thought Scully had been in charge of that one because it’s in Season 9, and Scully had to correct him that it was one of the holdover episodes from the reign of Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. 

Second, and this is the real killer, Keri thought the episode was still out of syndicated reruns after all these years.  He even had this little introductory speech about whether or not that kind of censorship was appropriate or not.  Unfortunately, it isn’t true; the episode was briefly pulled but is now back in the pool with everything else.  I was able to discern this fact with a quick Google search that led me to both Wikipedia (“the episode was initially taken off syndication in many areas following the September 11, 2001 attacks, but has come back into syndication in recent years”) and SNPP (“As time passed and sensitivity lessened, the episode began being aired again on a regular basis”).  Stuck with something he probably wasn’t expecting, Scully just mentioned that the episode is on the Season 9 DVDs, and that he thought it was also in one of those smaller home video packages that grab a few episodes.  So much for that. 

You can see a topic list at Keri’s site, and this is the direct mp3 download link, but there isn’t much for the informed Simpsons fan.  Scully talks in generalities about his time on the show, the two of them talk a bit about hockey and guest stars, and then Scully spends a little time plugging Parks & Recreation and the upcoming animated “Napoleon Dynamite” series.  I’m not saying it’s a complete waste of your time, certainly it’s no worse than this blog post, but this post is a lot shorter. 


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